Infused Water for Weightloss

Drinking plain water is good for your health.  How about adding a few slices of raw vegetables and fruits along with some herbs? It is like water with superpower right? This is the concept of the so-called infused water.  Depending on the vegetables, fruits, herbs and sometimes spices we add in the water it becomes the remedy for different ailments. 

How Does Infused Water Help in Weightloss?

You may think how does taking water with some fresh vegetables make you lose weight? It is not possible to reduce weight overnight. Reducing weight is a slow process unless you go under the knife which comes with its own risks.  Having infused water for weight loss is not only a safe and natural method but also increases your nutrient intake. It improves metabolism and eliminates toxins from the body. Infused water has vitamins and minerals which aid in cell rejuvenation.


Ingredients Used in Infused Water for Weightloss

1. Citrus Fruits

Citrus Fruits

Lemon, lime, and grapefruit have a low glycemic index and decrease calorie intake by decreasing your appetite.  At the same time, they are rich in vitamin C which helps to boost metabolism. It makes the digestive system absorb nutrients and eliminate waste faster.

2. Cucumber 


Cucumber is a fruit which contains 92 percent water. The electrolytes like sodium potassium phosphates calcium found in cucumber help in water retention.  Cucumber is able to flush the toxins out. Infused water with cucumber is great for weight loss.    

3. Ginger 


is an herb. Ginger has several aromatic compounds and it increases the metabolic activities. It fastens the digestion process.  The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help to heal the wounds in the digestive tract and make it function efficiently. 

4. Mint 


Mint is another herb that helps stimulate the digestive enzymes and helps in better digestion of fats.  It increases metabolism and induces weight loss. 

Here is an infused water weight loss recipe

Water – ½ gallon

Lemon 2- sliced into coins

Cucumber 6- sliced into coins

Ginger – half cup of sliced pieces

Mint –few leaves

Fill the water in a transparent bottle with a cap till 3/4th   and not to the brim. Add the fruit slices, ginger and mint one by one. Shake gently to mix it well.  Substitute the infused water for regular water. Drink some before your meals. 

Other Health 

Infused water can be a blessing for many illnesses and not only for weight loss. 

Honey infused water can heal the inflammation of the digestive tract

Cumin infused water aids in better digestion

Cardamom and pepper-infused water helps to relieve from a common cold

Basil infused water boosts your immune system

 Take Away

Infused water is not only for weight loss.  This superpower water can be a good remedy for many illnesses that can be cured at home without making an appointment with the doctor.  Fruit-infused water is a great substitute for normal water as it is more refreshing than water and is delicious. However, experiment with different types of fruits (not the mushy ones) for e.g. berries, peaches, raw guava pineapple wedges for a fresh new twist every day.