Mobile phones, TVs, computers, and many other electronic devices have already become a part of our lives. We work, play, and learn through such devices, therefore, they take up most of the time in our day. But does the increased screen time have negative effects on our health? In this article, we will discuss all about screen time and its negative health outcomes.

Negative Effects of High Screen Time

The time spent on any screens including the screens of TVs, mobile phones, computers, and tablets are considered screen time. But over the years, the amount of time we spend using these devices have increased greatly. Many studies show that this might have negative effects on our health. It is claimed that the screen time is associated with obesity, not doing other physical activities, and reduction in metabolic rate. High screen time is also linked with effects on irritability,  low mood, and so many other mental health problems. Below are some of the negative health outcomes of  too much screen timing.

Weight Gain

You might wonder how weight gain relates to screen timing. While you are on your phone, TV, or computer, you always tend to stay in a place without even moving as your screens keep you engaged. Once you eat your food, it is always advised to move around to make the digestion process easier. But screen timing lessens the time which obviously results in making your digestion process slower. This might lead to weight gain and obesity. 

Vision Problems

Computer Vision Syndrome is one of the vision problems you get when you are screen timing too much. Research says that about 50% to 90% who work at computer screens have the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. It is common in both kids and adults. Some of the common symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome include blurred vision, headache, red eyes, and neck pain. Setting the computer at the right height and good lighting can reduce this problem. 

Neck and Back pain

Have you ever noticed, while using mobile phones or watching TV you tend to end up in an awkward position that results in neck pain or back pain. If you are interested in a movie so much, it makes you engrossed in it, therefore you forget what you are doing. Sitting or lying down in the same position might lead to neck and back pain. 

Affects Your Sleep Schedule

Most people we know use mobile phones or laptops at night time to work, to watch movies, and to play games. This may seem fine for a day or two but the real problem starts when you begin to make it a habit. Studies have shown that digital devices suppress the sleep-promoting hormone called melatonin. If you continue to screen time during nights, it may directly affect your sleep schedule and the quality of your sleep. This will keep you restless all day. If you want to learn more about sleeplessness and natural sleep aids that are backed up by science, Read this!


These are the four top negative outcomes of screen timing. From kids to adults, we all are somehow tied with technology and screen timing. In today’s world, it can be hard not to use digital screens. Reducing the amount of screen timing, using glasses while screen timing, maintaining the right posture while using phones or laptops will eventually help you reduce the risk of the listed health issues.