Raw veganism is a form of veganism that forbids the consumption of animals and animal products. As the name suggests, a raw vegan diet includes uncooked food or meals that are cooked under 40 to 80 °C. This method is believed to retain the micronutrients of the meal prepared. Generally, plant-based, raw, and unprocessed foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts, seeds, etc. comprise a raw vegan diet, which is prepared by methods like juicing, blending, soaking, germinating, and dehydrating.


A few health benefits associated with the raw vegan diet may include:
Improved digestion: The amount of fiber present in fruits and vegetables will ease the process of digestion and help prevent constipation.

Fatigue management: The toxins in our cells might interfere with our cellular energy levels. With a raw vegan diet, the enzymes present in fruits and vegetables will help in maintaining cellular energy and might aid in fighting fatigue and retaining energy levels

Healthy heart: Eating fruits and vegetables lowers blood pressure, further reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Weight loss:  A raw vegan diet is low in calories, fat, and sodium content, which helps in regulating the body weight without compromising energy levels. 

Healthy skin: A good diet and regular skincare routine are necessary to preserve healthy skin. A raw vegan diet may provide additional nutrients that support healthy skin. 


Certain side effects may come with a raw vegan diet.
Disturbed dietary balance: Raw vegan diet might lack nutrients like vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium, which might lead to anemia and other conditions.

Decline in bone density: Vitamin D and calcium are two essential nutrients for bone health that might be lacking in a raw vegan diet. This would further lead to a decrease in bone density.

Infertility: The imbalance and lack of nutrients might lead to poor functioning of the reproductive organs. Women’s menstrual cycles may become irregular as a result of the potential anemia condition brought on by the raw vegan diet, which may ultimately result in infertility.

Prone to tooth decay: The lack of calcium and vitamin C, the essential nutrients for strengthening teeth, along with the presence of citric acid in the diet, leads to loss of tooth enamel among raw vegans.


Raw vegan burritos: Bring a twist to the regular tortilla burritos, by wrapping the vegetable filling in cabbage leaves.

Raw vegan pesto: A blend of basil leaves, cold pressed oils, nutritional yeast, and nuts together will be an amazing combination with veggies.

Smoothies: You can choose fruit combinations of your choice and make a smoothie bowl.

Raw veganism has its benefits and effects. It is wise to consult a nutritionist before making dietary changes, to ensure that the individual’s insides will adapt.