13 Weight loss tips from around the world

Are you fed up of the regular weight loss tips that you receive. Make your weight loss more interesting by adopting some techniques from around the world.

Brazil – Fill yourself with rice and beans

If you thought filling yourself with carbs was a mistake think again. Ever wondered how Brazilians get their bikini fit bodies? Well this is how. They eat rice and beans for almost every meal. It not only is low in fats but it also gives you a feeling of fullnessas it is rich in fiber. So by filling up on beans and rice it makes you crave less food in between meals thereby assisting in weight loss.

Netherlands – Riding your bicycle

There are more bikes in Netherlands than the actual population of the whole country itself. What keeps this whole country fit is the use of bikes to get around. Adopt cycling for your small errands in the area or even for long distances. You will be floored to see how much you lose at the end of the month after adopting the same in your lifestyle. Fight obesity by buying yourself a bike to move around.

Germany – Eat a hearty breakfast

Since we have been kids we have heard the advice to avoid skipping our breakfast. Almost all Germans wakeup to a hearty breakfast that contains all the essential healthy elements of the food pyramid such as whole grain foods, fruit and dairy products. Having breakfast prevents you from going overboard on snacking and junk food later in the day. So adopt the healthy habit of having a full-fledged meal from the Germans.

United Kingdom – Small portions

The British eat small portions of food. They do not eat excessively. Researchers say that it must be a habit that they picked up in the World War when provisions were scarce. But it is a good thing that they do so as having a control on what you’re they’re eating is certainly helping them in maintaining good health. Start eating smaller portions today so that you can lead a longer live free from health complications.

France – Take time to eat

Do not rush you meals. Eat at a leisurely pace like the French. What happens when you eat at leisure is that there is enough time for your stomach to tell your brain that you’re full and eaten enough. When you rush your meals you land up eating more than you should because there is not enough time for your brain to sense the fullness in your stomach.

Russia – Grow their own produce

All most all families in Russia have their own vegetable gardens that provide the ingredients for their everyday meals. So that means good quality produce free from pesticides, which means that they are eating right. So think of having your own tiny vegetable garden.

Finland – Nordic walking

The Finns have been known for this inventive style of walking. Of course you will be doing the same walking, but with a pair of light weight walking poles. What holding this pair of poles does is to give your body a whole workout as your hands are also in action. So go on and get that little bit of extra benefit by adding poles to your regular walk and burn extra calories.

Japan – Take a nap

The Japanese do not sting on their sleep. They might work like crazy during the day but they do not compromise on their sleep.Research has proved that sleep deprivation causes us to eat more; the reason behind this being the hormone called leptin (that informs the brain that you are full) reduces the levels of leptin in your body. So get that beauty sleep so that your body doesn’t turn to food when what it’s actually feeling a few hours of sleep.

South Africa – Drink rooibos tea

South Africans have been sipping this tea for centuries. It is supposed to have greater health benefits as compared to green tea. So opt for rooibos tea instead of opting for drinks that are laden with tons of sugar and cream. Cut down on those calories from liquids and see the difference it makes on your bodyweight and health in the long run.

Thailand – Eat spicy food

Spicy food is said to improve your metabolism thus helping you burn the food that you eat faster. Another plus point is the fact that it slows down the eating process because of the spice. So if you eat slowly it gives your brain enough time to send signals to you when your tummy gets full.

Switzerland – Muesli

Muesli was invented by a doctor from Switzerland. It contains all the goodness of fiber, good fatty acids from the nuts and other vitamins and minerals from the fruit. So do include this power packed meal in your diet as breakfast or even as a snack. The fiber in muesli reduces the cholesterol and keeps you feel fill for longer periods as it takes time to digest.

Malaysia – Cook using turmeric

Turmeric is said to melt fat because of one of its chief components curcumin. You can also opt to cook your food with a dash of turmeric. It might not give immediate results but do watch it draw the fat out of your body after regular use.

Hungary – Eat more pickles

People from Hungary love their pickles. They love their vegetables preserved in vinegar and salt. Research has proved that the acetic acid present in vinegar helps reduce your blood sugar, blood pressure and even the formation of fat.

So follow these tips from all across the globe and see how it helps you reach your target weight.