4 Ways to make baking recipes healthier

Baking might be a healthier option as compared to deep frying, but there are still some ways to cut the calories in baking.

So here’s how to make those baked goodies provide more nutrients minus the calories:

  • Substitute all-purpose white flour with whole wheat flour

When you think of replacing the flour in a recipe, start by replacing half the mentioned quantity of white flour. If the end result doesn’t turn out all bad then attempt to substitute the entire white flour with the whole wheat variety. Be careful in your substitutions because you don’t want your baked goodies tasting funny.

  • Cut down or substitute the sugar

Try not to add sugar to any of your baked goodies or you can start by reducing the amount of sugar that you put in them. Instead of using sugar you can use honey, apple sauce or even maple syrup as a substitute.

  • Use skimmed products in place of whole

If a recipe calls for milk powder or cream, opt for the skimmed varieties available in the market. You’ll be saving up on a lot of calories by this replacement.

  • Replace fats with fruit purees

Not all fats are unhealthy, only the saturated ones are. All beautifully baked goodies need fat. You should not completely eliminate fats such as butter from the recipe but can reduce it by substituting half of the fats with a pureed fruit such as pureed avocado, applesauce or pumpkin.

The key to substitution is experimentation. Do not lose hope on a failed attempt. You might land up with sunken cakes, cookies that are soggy in the center or even weird tasting stuff. Try, try again!