Good news for you! According to a new study, you should do simple workouts to live longer! Following a comfortable approach to your workouts may help you to live longer. The new study discovered that people who participated in harder workouts didn’t live any longer than those who performed moderate workouts. Researchers also examined a group of people in Norway who took part in five years of supervised workout practice.

A New Study- Easy Workouts to Live Longer

In this research, 790 women and 777 men were participants within average age of 73. They were divided into three groups. Each participant followed federal guidelines to get 30 minutes of moderate workout on most days of the week. Additionally, one group took part in two supervised weekly sessions and practiced high-intensity interval training. The second group joined in two supervised moderate-intensity continuous workout training each week. All three groups followed their assigned exercise training for five years.

As a result of the trial, 4.6 percent of the participants had died. There was no much difference in death rates between the groups which practiced the modest federal exercise instructions and the other group which followed the intense exercises. Additionally, all three groups had similar levels of cardiovascular disease and deaths from cancer. Though, it is not to mention that participating in everyday high-intensity workouts didn’t give any benefits. Participants who did the harder exercises had better results on certain measures of physical and mental health. 

For Longer Life Takes Less Effort, Says Study

Another study claims that a short amount of workouts may provide health benefits.

As per this recent research by the Norwegian School of Sports Medicine, just eleven minutes of moderate workout can provide some long-term health benefits and longer life, Metro stated.

This study examined samples of about 44,000 men and women between 4- 14 and half years, during the period 3,451 participants died which is 7.8%. Scientists used activity monitors to record moderate-to-vigorous activities. Scientists used these data and compared them to participant’s time.

People who practiced 35 minutes of workout a day had the biggest results in terms of health, particularly in joint health. The study also showed that people who did a workout at least 11 minutes regularly could also observe some health benefits, Metro stated.

The study explained that “Self-reported assessment of physical activity and sedentary behaviours is prone to misclassification and socialdesirability bias, likely underestimates sedentary time, and has limited validity for estimating both light-intensity and total amount of physical activity,”

These studies on easy workouts to live longer claimed that they help to live a healthy and longer life. It is believed that moving around and sweating less is better than committing to workout for 90 minutes. According to Harvard University, moderate exercises are cleaning, brisk walking, and reaping the lawn. Spending some time in nature helps improve your mental and physical health.