7 Tips to set a smooth bedtime routine

Getting your toddler to bed can seem to be a tiresome chore for some moms. Toddlers are easy to distract, so sticking to a regular schedule becomes impertinent. However one has to calm the toddler ahead of bedtime for the bedtime routine to be a success.

Here are some tips to get a smooth bedtime routine that runs smoother than a clock:

  • Bath time

Baths make some toddlers active, energetic and fresh, while for some it acts as a relaxing agent, soothing them to get to bed. Figure out whether your toddler gets hyper after a bath or feels relaxed.

If you baby turns out to be hyper, avoid night time baths and choose to give him or her a bath a couple of hours before bedtime or even in the morning.

  • Electronics

Keep electronics away at bedtime. They have an awakening effect on the mind. Do not encourage watching TV or playing any sort of electronic games an hour or two before bedtime.

  • Keep the routine short

Do not plan elaborate time consuming bedtime routines. Choose an activity that the child loves like reading or saying one’s prayers.

You should have you baby in bed within an hour at the maximum, including bath time. The sooner you get him in bed with the routine, the better.

  • Give limited options

Do not give your child too many options so that you can control the situation and make him or her get to bed sooner. For example give him the choice between two books or songs etc…

  • Create a cozy setting

The room or place where your child sleeps should literally invite him into bed. Make sure it is a cozy place which is not too bright.

Make the bed more comfortable by placing it against a wall and surrounding him with tons of pillows.

  • Sing songs or a lullaby

When they were tiny babies, we used to coax babies to sleep by singing lullabies. This practice is often discontinued for unknown reasons.

As a matter of fact singing a lullaby can soothe the child and relax his senses and make his fall asleep sooner.

  • Do not clash bedtime with return of a parent

If either of the parent returns at his bedtime, it is sure to make the child feel more active and awake. So avoid the clash of his or her bed timing to that of your partner getting back from work.

  • Stick to it persistently

A bedtime routine won’t fall in place unless you take proper efforts to stick to it daily and follow it no matter what the cost.

So follow these tips and establish a set and proper bed time routine for your little one.