5 Signs that your child is gifted

Every child is precious. But there are some that are truly gifted. Sometimes it can be hard to identify a child that is gifted.

When you identify a child that has a gift, you shouldn’t start bragging about it, you need to find a way to tailor the education your child receives to suit his requirements. The first step is of course to identify if the child is gifted.

Here are a few signs that are a giveaway about gifted children:

  • Photographic memory

Not all are gifted with the ability to absorb things. Gifted children will be able to absorb concepts and other information.

They will be able to repeat or quote word to word a concept or composition just a few minutes of exposure to it.

Basically it takes a gifted child very little time to absorb information and understand it that other people will not be able to do.

  • Eye for detail

Gifted children are very observant. They spot things that others don’t. So teachers can often spot gifted students by the number of questions they ask and even the extent to which they ask them.

If a concept is taught in class, the gifted child will not rest till he has learnt all that he has to learn about it.

A gifted child is curious about the world he lives in and its functioning and the questions that they have never seem to stop.

  • Unusually artistic or musically talented

Gifted children usually show interest in art or music. Children who show an unusual talent when it comes to music or art are generally more gifted than the rest. They might be able to paint wonderfully or sing at the right pitch and notes.

  • Have a vivid imagination

Gifted children usually have a greater than life imagination. They make up a lot of imaginary friends who they communicate with and interact with as part of their daily lives.

  • Writes and reads early

Gifted children begin to do things sooner than the rest of the pack. Before going to school normally a kids writing and reading is restricted to story books and scribbling on paper.

But gifted children have the ability to grasp these things on their own. If you find your child actually writing something that resembles alphabets or numbers or drawing patterns then your child might have a gift after all.

So do encourage your child if he shows early interest in reading or writing.

  • Had various interests and is good at all or most of them

A gifted child can have tons of interests. He or she is a curious child and will absorb any information like a sponge.

Gifted children want to know about everything and will therefore have lots of interests and you can bet your life on the fact that they will be exceptionally well at them.

  • Critical of themselves

Gifted children have expectations of themselves. They do not ignore things are other children might do. They want to get it just right and perfect.

Regular children usually have a competitive spirit comparing themselves to others. But gifted children have their own standard to match.

So do spot the signs early on and find out if your child is gifted, so that you can make sure he reaches his or her maximum potential.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf