8 Tips to make you fall in love with your partner again

Do you often remember the good old days when you fell head over heels in love? Has that spark gone out of your romance? Are you guys living together like robots, going about life mechanically without any fun and spontaneity?You can bring back the sparks in your relationship if you’re willing to invest some time it.

Here are some tips to get you back to the old days where you had a fairytale romance:

  • Kiss

When you first enter into a relationship you can never get enough of kissing each other. You guy make out in the car, on the sofa, in front of the TV or even in the kitchen. Start kissing again. You’ll soon start behaving like teenagers giddy in love and lay the foundation for the sparks.

  • Express using words

When you two started dating I’m sure you would have told each other a million times a day through e-mail, text messages or love notes how much you guys loved each other. Its time you rekindled your romance by telling each other in fun unexpected ways how you love each other.

  • Touch

Remember the time when you guys used to go almost everywhere with your fingers entwined in each other’s. Touch is an essential sense to get one person attached to the other. Skin contact is a personal feeling. Hug, hold hands, cuddle and see how your relationship changes.

  • Reminiscence

Think about the old days. Talk about the fun things you did in the days when he was courting you. Bringing back all the old memories is bound to bring back the romance as well.

  • Spontaneity

Get out of the monotonous routine. Do things that you wouldn’t usually do. On a weekend make spontaneous fun plans on the impulse. For example you can plan a fun activity for just the two of you like canoeing or even something as crazy like bungee jumping. If you’re not ready to try something really adventurous, you can plan a romantic picnic by the lake with tidbits in the lunch basket.

  • Plan dates

Once you guys got together after a long courtship, the romantic dates would have reduced and then finally come to a complete halt. Bring back the spark. Go on a date. If you are spending all your evenings glued to the television screen it’s time to put a stop to it. Go out, eat out, visit different places, basically do things people would do when they were dating each other.

  • Go wild in the bedroom

After a point of time everyone enjoy a toned down sex life. Spice up things in your bedroom. Do things differently, try some wild moves and even find a new location to get naughty.

  • Sleep together

People take it for granted that couples sleep together. But with erratic schedules and even suffering from bored lives couples land up sleeping separately or usually when one has already hit the sack. Bring back the intimacy by sleeping together. Hug, cuddle and kiss each other into blissful sleep.

If you follow even half of the guidelines, you are sure to get closer to your partner and fall in love over again.