Whether it’s a holiday feast, food from a restaurant, or home-cooked food, there are times you feel uncomfortably stuffed after eating huge meals. How do you ease your stomach after eating too much? You can go for a walk, and drink water or herbal tea to aid digestion. The side effects of having a big meal go away after a few hours. So, you don’t need to worry about it that much. Let’s have a look at the digestion tips after a huge meal. 

What to Do After Eating a Large Meal? 

How do you detox your body after a heavy meal? Drinking lots of fluid boosts your metabolism and re-energizes you. Here are the best things to do for digestion after a huge meal. 

1. Go For a Walk 

Go For a Walk 

A light paced walking is essential after each meal to improve blood sugar levels and clear your mind. It aids the digestion process and minimizes the chance of stomach discomfort. Muscle relaxation, stress relief, and improved sleep are other positive effects of walking. Avoid jogging or walk fast after the meal because it can cause stomach aches. 

Post-meal Exercises after 1 to 3 Hours 

  • Yoga 
  • Cycling 
  • Swimming 
  • Running 
  • Skiing 

2. Detox Water 

Detox Water

Detox water aids in digestion and removes excessive sodium consumed. You can make detox water in various ways based on your choice and taste. Also, drink normal water to stay hydrated for the rest of the day. Green tea, cumin tea, and lemon grass tea are the best drinks to help digestion after a huge meal. Toxin removal, weight loss, and better digestion are the benefits you need to know about detox water. 

Digestive Drinks after Eating 

3. Brush Your Teeth 

Brush Your Teeth 

If you don’t brush, the food stays in your mouth can cause bad breath. Additionally, the food residue in your mouth may trigger hunger again.

4. Don’t Stress Out 

Don’t Stress Out 

Most of them start stressing out once they finish eating. Don’t be hard on yourself when you have a huge meal. Instead, sit back, relax, and take deep breaths for a few minutes. 

5. Avoid Lying Down 

Avoid Lying Down 

It can be tempting to lie down after eating a heavy meal. Why do we feel sleepy after a heavy meal? Once you finish a heavy meal, your body starts working towards digesting the food. All the organs are focused more on breaking down the food and converting it into energy. The blood rush is more toward digestion which makes the pineal gland of the brain release the sleep hormone. That’s why, you felt more sleepy after a huge meal. But, never lie down, just keep walking. Sleep after a big meal makes you feel nauseous and can cause acid reflux.  

Follow these tricks next time to get back on track after overeating. Many of them feel guilty or drowsy after overeating. Always focus on the food you are eating and aim to feel satisfied.