Positive-Effects-of- Walkin-on-Mental- Health

While most of the time we focus on our physical well being, we often forget the fact that a sound mind also contributes to the same. Physical and mental health are interlinked and cannot exist without each other. Mental health is important not just for adults but for children, and teens as well. In this 2-min read, we discuss how walking and exercise can have a positive effect on keeping your mind healthy and happy.

1. Relieves Stress & Muscle Tension

A one-hour peaceful walk around your neighborhood can relieve you from stress, and anxiety that you carried home from your workplace. Being in a confined space can sometimes bring you uneasiness and a feeling of loneliness. But, while taking a walk, your muscles relax, and you get to talk to new people which subsequently eases your mind. (Learn how to help a friend with mental illness)

2. Improves Sleep

Improves Sleep

Have you noticed that most people who fall prey to depression try to find a way out of it by focusing on physical training? Yes, walking, exercise, and yoga are some of the best practices one can follow to calm down the senses and bring a good night’s sleep. When your physical body becomes tired, it craves good sleep. When you have uninterrupted sleep, your mind is fresh and mental health is taken care of.

3. Stabilizes the Mood

Walking in a good environment releases a hormone called endorphins in the brain that sets a happy mood. This way, your nerves relax and the mood stabilizes no matter how hectic your day was.

4. Gives a Taste of Victory

Gives a Taste of Victory

Set targets on how much you want to walk for a day and when you achieve it, give yourself some credit. Small achievements like these can bring a big difference to your mental state. If you are someone who is down with failures in life, this small sense of satisfaction will give your mind a taste of victory.

5. Brings You out of Grief

Death of a loved one or break-up from a relationship can cause immense grief in a person. Walking helps you focus on your steps, people, and the environment around you. Confined spaces can increase your feelings of anxiety and grief. On the other hand, open spaces comfort you and let you breathe at ease, thus relaxing your mind and restoring mental health.

Walking allows you to think freely. It can bring you out of any confusion that’s fiddling your mind. Teach your kids about the goodness of walking and take them with you to the park or for a jog. This way, both you and your kid can enjoy great mental health. 

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