Do you have the habit of snapping at people for silly reasons? Do you feel your blood boil every time you get stuck in traffic?First of all understand that anger is a normal emotion. Emotions are the way you can express your feelings. But the key is to keep your anger in control. Do not let it let lose so that it can lead to ruined relationships and your own mental state.

Here are some steps to take to help you tame your temper:

  • Stop-The moment you feel that you are losing your cool, stop. Stop whatever you are saying and try to distract yourself from the current situation. Do anything, take a walk, and listen to music, jump, any act, any act that will stop you from losing your cool and acting in a way that you will regret.
  • Take deep breaths-Close your eyes, take deep breath, slow and easy. Breathing helps in slowing down your heart rate and calms you down from the current chaotic stress in your mind.
  • Think and get some space-Once you give yourself some time to cool down, think and do not let anything slip from your mouth that you would regret at a later date. It is very important to give yourself some space to cool down, think and react.Make sure that you speak only once you have collected your thoughts and then slowly express your mind in a calm manner.
  • Express anger calmly-Once you have reached the stage when you can control your mind and tongue, let’s get down to expressing anger. You should never let your uncontrolled anger get the better of you.Express your anger directly and in a nonconfrontational way, making extra sure that you do not hurt anyone’s feelings in the process.
  • Exercise-Get your blood pumping with a good old workout. Direct your anger to physical activity and see the stress drain out from you. A good workout will release feel good brain signals, reducing your stress levels. Take a walk, pump some iron or ride a cycle to channel your anger in the right outlet.
  • Sleep-If your body is stressed out, then getting a good night’s rest can do wonders. Lack of sleep produces more stress hormones, along with reduced metabolism and increased blood pressure rates. So do not underestimate the importance of a good night sleep in keeping your anger in check.
  • Let it go-Anger is not worth the negative impact it has on your body. So let go of the negative feelings and try to embrace positive energy. Go figure out what makes you happy and let go of the anger inside you.

So keep your anger in control at all times. Anger won’t benefit you in any way nor will not solve anything but as a matter of fact will only make things worse.

Remember one thing, you can control your anger, but don’t let it control you.