There are millions and millions of people who love Hot Dogs. Most people know that the Hot Dogs are not really good for you and don’t know why they are good.

hot dogs

While they are loaded with chemicals and preservatives that should not be put into your body and the worst part is Shiny Elastic Case covering those Hot Dogs is usually made of Animal Intestines and Inside of a Hot Dog is made up of Pigs Nose. Gross!!

pigs nose

RED FOOD                

If you rather had any Red Desserts or Ice Cream, the color red comes from a Dye. In some cases, it’s natural while in some cases it’s man-made. A recent study revealed that foods red dye caused Hyperactivity in Children and made the children act crazy. The companies labeled the foods as All Natural when it isn’t. One of the sources of the natural Red Dye is a Bug.


bugs red dye

If you have ever seen Carmine in the ingredients, it’s actually a dyed extract from the Cochineal Carmine. To make one pound of red dye, the manufacturers need 70000 of these Red Bugs.


Do you really think those chips are made of potatoes? Besides those Carbs and Fats, we just can’t ignore those tasty potato chips. There are so many brands who manufacture Potato Chips but you will surprise to know that the manufacturers use a chemical named sodium bi sulfide.


It’s a compound which is actually found in most of the Face Wash Cosmetics and Facial Cleansers. They use this chemical so that the chips don’t get discolored and that it looks fresh.


Many people think that if any food is labeled as processed, that means it is healthy to eat but these foods are so bad that you might even not know how it harms to your body. For example, Dough Softener which is used to soften the dough and can be easily shaped is usually made up of Human Hair.

human hair

This Human Hair Export is done from China and in North America comes from the feathers of the ducks.



If you want your kids to be healthy, then try to know the ingredients of the food before you and your family consume. I hope this helps!!