Non-slip socks have multiple uses and benefits. Preventing skids and falls is the most known benefits of non-slip socks. They are widely popular in elderly care. Apart from reducing slips and falls, non-slip socks have a variety of uses in sports, pet care, child care, etc. 

What are non-slip socks?

These socks look like any other sock except for the bottom/sole.  The bottom of non-slip socks has grips added to them. These grips are generally made from rubber and have a rough feel when touched. The rubber helps create friction when in contact with a smooth surface which in turn helps prevent falls. Some non-slip socks have tread patterns on the sole that create traction. 


Other than the use of non-slip socks for elderly care, numerous other uses go unnoticed. Some of them are: 

Use of non-slip socks in hospitals

There is even a popular urban slang called ‘grippy sock vacation’ which refers to the use of non-slip/gripper socks in mental hospitals. Patients in such hospitals get to wear non-slip socks rather than shoes because the laces in shoes pose a suicide risk. Hospital floors are deliberately made smooth for trolly and wheelchair usage. So non-slip socks help reduce the risk of injury in hospital staff and patients.

Use of non-slip socks in child care

When children, especially toddlers, learn to walk, they are at a high risk of tripping and falling. Non-slip socks are a great tool to prevent such accidents. Non-slip socks for children come in various levels of grips. Some non-slip socks have thick soles, which make them usable on clean, dry outside surfaces.

Use of non-slip socks in pet care

Taking pets like dogs for walking is mandatory. Walks help them relieve themselves. But another important reason for taking dogs walking is to increase and keep their agility at a healthy level. Dogs growing up in cities often walk on tiled, smooth floors rather than rough surfaces. Such lifestyles create mobility issues if left unattended. One way to prevent this from happening is non-slip socks for dogs. Wearing these non-slip socks can also help elderly dogs whose footing is no longer sure or who suffer from arthritic conditions.

Use of non-slip socks in sports

They come in very handy when doing yoga. Yoga mats tend to be slippery and non-slip socks during yoga sessions help achieve sure footing. These socks also help in keeping yoga mats fresh from foot odor. Another great and fun usage of non-slip socks is in trampoline parks. They ensure a safe and grippy landing on the trampoline. 

Use of non-slip socks for elderly care

It is a well-known fact that the elderly have mobility issues. Non-slip socks are a great way to mitigate skidding and falling in the elderly. Wearing non-slip socks at home and non-skid slippers in the bathroom is a must for elders. 

What now?

Now that you know what non-slip socks are and their usage, buy some for your elderly, kids, and pets, and enjoy their comfort. Always try to start with the most lightweight and breathable non-slip socks.