Every woman in the world longs for perfect skin. So, many follow a skincare routine that includes cleansers, moisturizers, facials and much more. Following a skincare routine helps you prevent early aging, fine lines, pigmentation, tan, etc., but there are several skincare routines that women follow all over the world that take it to the next level. 

Weird Skincare Routines!

This culture of following weird skincare routine has been around since ancient times.  We would have heard of Queen Cleopatra who took bath in donkey milk to prevent her skin from aging and also to keep her skin smooth and young.

We have listed down some weird skincare routines that actually work!

1. Mud from the Dead Sea Can Do Wonders

The Dead Sea is located between Israel and Jordan in the Middle East. The lake is surrounded by mountains that make the mud rich in magnesium, sodium, etc., This unique combination of minerals can relieve pain, and they are used to treat psoriasis, to cleanse the skin and lots more. 

2. The Vampire Facial!

It may sound weird but celebrities from all over the world are now loving the blood facial, it includes extracting blood from your own arm and separating the plasma and the platelets from the RBC and injecting or topically applying the platelet-rich plasma back into your skin. This improves the skin texture, reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Beer for Shinier Hair!

Beer is not only an alcoholic drink but can also be used to make your hair shinier. The malt and hops in beer contain protein that nourishes your hair and the B vitamins in it can make your hair shinier.

4. Leech Therapy!

Though it sounds horrible, it has its own benefits. The leeches are allowed to pierce a person with their teeth to insert the anti-coagulants through their salvia and they are allowed to extract blood from the person and it is applied on the face. This therapy detoxifies your blood leaving behind healthy glowing skin.

5. Bird Poop Facial!

This is also known as Shizuka’s Geisha Facial. It is an ancient Japanese treatment, which involves using powdered nightingale droppings, it contains a high concentration of urea that locks in and helps you to achieve brighter and softer skin.

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