When it comes to losing weight, we always go for exercise and diet. Of course, physical exercise and healthy intake are mandatory but there are other weight loss hacks that you might want to consider.  

To make it simple for you we have listed a few tips to help you lose weight that has nothing to do with workouts and diet. 

Must-Try 7 Weight Loss Hacks:

1. Keep a Positive Circle

Surround yourself with positive people- People who compliment you and accept you for who you are both inside and out. Being exposed to negative messages will make you gain weight and stress you out.

Be with someone who will indulge with you in any activity like walking, exercise or even a yoga class.   

2. Chew Your Food Well

Never forget to chew your food. Even if you are running late to the office, always take some time to chew your food. This will automatically make you think that you have had enough.  

3. Get Enough Sleep

You should at least get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. Research proves that people who sleep less than 6 hours a night tend to eat high-calorie foods and gain more weight than the people who sleep for 7-8 hours.

Sleep is like a miracle- it boosts your mood, keeps you active and improves your performances at work and also at home.   

4. Use Smaller Plates

This will help you cut down on portion sizes. But if you eat from a large-sized plate, your brain will convince you that you are eating your usual amount.   

5. Drink from a Long Skinny Glass

Compared to a wide glass- skinny glass may have low-pour calories. So always opt for a narrow skinny class. This ensures that you drink a little amount of beverages.       

And also one of the main weight loss hacks is to drink water before you plan to eat to control you to eat less. 

6. Start with Salad or Soup

Before your meal, fill your belly with minimal calories. Have a cup of soup or salad and then you will be able to eat less protein from your main dish.  

7. Keep Away from Cooking Shows

Research has proven that people watching cooking shows snack more than others. Even if you don’t feel like eating, food-based television shows and food advertisements make you eat more. This can lead to obesity. So quit watching your favorite cook show and fast forward the commercials.