COVID-19 is threatening the world. It is not only affecting our physical health but also our mental health. Here are some tips to take care of your mental health during the lockdown.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created panic among adults and children. It is stressful to fight the anxiety about the pandemic and its outcomes. We have been quarantined for months and supporting public health through actions such as social distancing.

These actions must be followed to reduce the risk of spreading of the novel coronavirus. We are remodeling our lifestyles. We started doing work from home, online classes, facing temporary unemployment. In this critical period, we should be taking care of mental health.

Causes of Mental Health during the Pandemic COVID-19

Stress during this COVID-19 crisis may cause the following and can destroy your mental health 

  • Fear and worry about your health and the health of your loved ones.
  • Worrying about financial status or temporary unemployment.
  • Changes in sleep patterns and eating habits.
  • Smoking and alcohol intake.

How to Take Care of Mental Health during the Pandemic

Here are some guidelines to get rid of stress and depression.

Follow the Same Routine

If you try to follow a regular routine it is easy to cope with the present situation. In the beginning, it is not easy to follow. So you can write down your daily plans to keep your routine on track. You must wake up, sleep, eat at the same time as you did in the past.

Socially Connected

Socially ConnectedCommunicate with people through calls or social media, share what you are feeling, how you’re spending your day, etc. Tell your close one to keep in touch and seek help and support from them. In this way, you won’t feel alienated.

Share your thoughts and ideas, post fascinating or inspirational stories on your social media.

Reduce Your Exposure to the News

The pandemic influences our daily lives. It is depressing when we keep on watching the news about the COVID-19 outbreak. Avoid hearing about Covid-19 news repeatedly which can be disturbing and can ruin your emotional health slowly. Everybody is doing the best to survive and overcome the pandemic. Cheer yourself with positive thoughts.

Listen to Music 

Listen to Music As everyone knows music heals sadness, worry. But the songs you listen to must be cheerful and make you feel great. Take a break to watch the series and avoid focusing on the pandemic. 

Self- Care and Exercise

You can try some quarantine skin or hair care routine from home. That will boost your mood. Exercising aids in staying active, it can have a positive impact on anxiety and stress. It also improves memory.

Do Something New!

During quarantine, if you’re working from home, or faced temporary unemployment then you can try things that you wanted to in the past but found no time. Now is the right time to start something new in your life. Discover new hobbies like painting, writing poems, cooking, crafting, etc. It will change your dull mood and you will enjoy it.

Be Helpful for Community

If you are healthy, you can help the needy by offering food and groceries. At home, you can help your mother, wife with their daily chores. Helping others makes you happy.

Instead of living with stress, do something for yourself and your family. It is time to take care of your mental health during the pandemic.