What is lucid dreaming and how can it make you a genius? Most shortcuts come with its own set of dangers and here is how lucid dreaming can affect you and your surroundings.

Psychology of Lucid Dreaming

What is the psychological reason behind lucid dreaming and how can it make you a genius in handling different situations? 

What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the state of mind where you are in control of your dreams. Every human lucid dream once in a while. Though the dream begins unconsciously individuals eventually take control over what happens in the dream. You can process the happenings to deliver a positive or negative outcome depending on your conscious mind. 

When do Lucid Dreams happen?

Researchers and sleep disorder doctors have conducted numerous researches on the reason behind dreaming. They have concluded that humans, mammals, birds, and reptiles dream during their REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep but they aren’t exactly sure when and how these dreams occur or if they will occur or not. 

How Do Lucid Dreams Occur?

Disruptions and disorders of REM sleep can lead to lucid dreaming. REM sleep is the period during which your brain creates memories and retains them within it in an orderly manner. Sleep usually occurs a few hours before you wake up.

How to Induce Lucid Dreams?

The best technique to induce a lucid dream is by setting an alarm a couple of hours before you wake up.  Stay awake for a few minutes before going right back to sleep. Eventually, your brain may conjure up certain past events or a totally new event right out of its imagination. 

Reality testing is the most popular way to begin lucid dreaming. Popularly people don’t see reflections, move things, or notice a watch in a normal dream. You can try seeing these items to begin your dream.

Alternatively, you can induce yourself to have lucid dreams by triggering any one of your senses every day at the same time before you begin to make lucid dreamers. This way, you can hypnotize yourself into a dream state when that particular sense is activated.   

Is Lucid Dreaming Good for Health?

  • Lucid dreaming can make you more creative. You are in charge of the dream’s outcome. Thus, you can make the rules and define new boundaries.
  • You can experience situations that can normally make you anxious or panic during these dreams. Experiencing such a situation beforehand and making appropriate decisions could influence your decision-making ability in real life too!
  • Lucid dreaming before going to bed makes your mind think it’s in control of the impossible and consequently, this feeling reduces the occurrence of nightmares. 
  • A confident brain is always an insightful brain that has adept motor skills and improved problem-solving ability. 

Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

  • Since you have to wake up in between your routine sleep to induce lucid dreams, you can alter your sleep patterns causing deprivation and exhaustion. 
  •  Any obsession is a sin and obsessing with the effects of lucid dreaming is a sin too. You need to know the difference between dreamland reality. 
  • Too much lucid dreaming can induce hallucinations and delirium. 
  • It can lead to self-harm.

The results of the lucid dreaming studies were based on very little data and cannot be relied on completely. It is best to stay away from practicing lucid dreaming if you usually get obsessed easily.  

P.S. You should not interpret lucid dreams spiritually.