Everybody dreams. But do dreams mean anything psychologically? We relate dreams with many concepts, but there are many scientific and physical factors behind dreams. Get to know why your dreams matter, the psychology of dreams, and some interesting facts about dreams.

How Do Dreams Occur?

Dreams are hallucinations that our minds create during certain stages of sleep. Dreams can happen at any time of sleep. Even though we are asleep, our minds are active! It is unknown why we dream, but some factors influence dreams. 

Health Conditions

Health conditions influence your sleep. Sleep deprivation is one of the main reasons for intense dreams. Surprisingly, sleep deprivation leads to making some parts of your brain more active. 


Food plays a major role in leading to wilder or better dreams. Some foods also make you remember dreams better.

Daily Activities

Little or interrupted sleep will lead to lucid dreaming. Frustration in daily activities can also influence recurrent nightmares. 

Psychology of Dreams

During ancient times, people believed that dreams were provoked by evil spirits or gods to express feelings. Today, scientists believe dreams are a connection to the unconscious mind.  

Do Dreams Have Meaning?

No, dreams don’t have meaning. Here are some famous dream interpretations.

Dreams About Falling– A falling dream indicates that something in your life is not going well. It is also an indication of insecurities and anxiety.

Dreams About Being Chased- Being chased is the common type of dream. It means that you’re anxious about something.

Dream About Being Pregnant- It symbolizes that you’re ready for a new beginning. Dreams about being pregnant mean that some other change is going to happen in your life.

Dreams About Losing Teeth- Many people might have experienced dreams about losing teeth. This dream interprets conflicts, social anxiety, fear of rejection, and deep personal loss.

Dreams About Death- It symbolically has multiple meanings, including an end of one major chapter, major life transaction, and death anxiety.

Do Dreams Have Meaning?

Here are some interesting facts about dreams

  1. Nearly 12% of people dream only in black and white. 
  2. Animals and birds dream.
  3. 95% of dreams are quickly forgotten.
  4. Both men and women experience arousing dreams.
  5. You can’t read while you dream.
  6. You get happy dreams when you are stress-free. 
  7. Women get more scary dreams than men.
  8. You have no power to control your dreams.