A recent survey says stress and anxiety can impact our sleep. Stress associated with the Covid-19 pandemic causes a severe impact on physical and mental health. This survey’s main motto was to promote better sleep for well-being and good health.

Why Is Sleep Important?

Sleep plays a major role in good health and well-being. Getting good sleep at the right time can protect your mental and physical health. Here are some benefits of adequate sleep

  1. Sleep supports healthy brain function and maintains your physical health. Especially for children and teens sleep support growth and development
  2. Sleep deprivation can cause obesity and higher body weight
  3. Good sleep improves concentration and productivity
  4. Poor sleep can cause depression

Your entire day depends on your previous night’s sleep. A recent survey of 2,555 people across 63 countries found that nearly 47% of people experienced poorer sleep quality during the pandemic than usual. Stress is closely related to poor dietary habits. Most people who are stressed or tired will like to drink caffeinated beverages. A higher intake of caffeine can cause many health hazards and can keep you awake. Here are some simple remedies to overcome your sleep problems.

1. Chamomile

For years, chamomile has been used as a traditional remedy to treat insomnia and anxiety. Chamomile is the healthy way to help fall asleep. It makes you feel sleepy because of its chemical structure. Chamomile extract contains an antioxidant called apigenin. Apigenin is a chemical compound that is used to treat anxiety and insomnia. It’s commonly regarded as a mild tranquilizer or sleep inducer. Many studies say that chamomile tea functions like benzodiazepine. Benzodiazepines are drugs that reduce anxiety and induce you to sleep.

2. Milk

Not only for children, but a warm cup of cow’s milk can also make anyone sleep faster. Milk contains amino acids known as tryptophan and melatonin, which induce and regulate your sleep cycle. The role of melatonin and tryptophan is to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety and depression. Though it’s not scientifically proven, taking a glass of warm milk can make you feel better.

3. Cocoa

A cup of cocoa before bed can make you feel sleepy. Hot cocoa is best known as a sleep-promoting drink. It warms you and makes you sleepy. The cocoa bean contains a rich source of flavonoids that provide many health benefits and treat neurological disorders. Drinking a cup of milk with pure cocoa can help you with stress or anxiety and makes you sleep better. Cocoa reduces certain types of psychological problems that are related to stress. Lowering blood pressure will smooth muscles in our arteries and produce a calming effect that makes you sleep.

If you’re stressed out or anxious or need a good peaceful sleep, try the above-mentioned sleep remedies. Above all, lifestyle, screentime, diet, and exercise are the important factors that influence your sleep quality.