Maybe its because our society emphasizes too much on the importance of money or the career ambitions that many get carried away, the children of today’s Gen are often left without proper companionship from the parents. It is also equally unfortunate that our educational system puts mountains of stress on them and eats up their physical appetite for play time. As a result of this, we see a steep rise in children affected by depression and mental disorders. Thank mother nature for the fact that health consciousness still intact in our minds. Here are the top 5 signs that may show that your kid is in severe depression,

Being Lazy!

Yes. The next time you see your kid being lazy, hold yourself from yelling or judging them. Depression is a tiresome affair, it makes them fatigue and makes their everyday routine hill climbing.

Rude and Unfriendly!

Many pieces of research revealed that children going through depression would rather be alone for hours than socializing. They tend to lose the interests of people and fun as the depression takes over their entire being. In order to avoid being socialized, they may even act rude and unfriendly. Try not be mad at them. They are helpless!

Poor dressing or makeup!

It is the self-esteem and desire that drives oneself to dress up attractive and presentable. For kids with depression, it would be the last thing they would want. In fact, they may even find an urge to overeat or starve to end up looking sick.

So, what’s the ideal thing to cure them?

First and foremost, it is definitely not a sickness of the kids and so does the need for treatments. It is the failure of the parents and the society. Period. Let’s start with small parental and environment changes that would make sense,

Break the Silence Begin a conversation on the situation. Try to be apologetic and tell them its not their fault.

Acknowledge his maturity – It is a common parenting mistake to assume that kids aren’t capable of being mature and rubbishing their attempts to make decisions.

Getaways – Give your kid a big break from the tormenting day-to-day routine and take him for a vacation. Spend quality time together and let him/her pour out the heart and talk.

Befriend – Never try to judge or criticize. I repeat. Never judge or criticize while your child shares his thoughts and problems. Advice or criticism is the last thing that he needs. Be a friend and comfort him/her with a hug.

Fun & Active – It is very important to make sure that you engage in fun and playful activities with your kid while you reestablish the parent-child bond.

Social Elements – Investigate the social factors and elements that may traumatize your kid and push into depression. Try to keep your kid away from those elements at least until they prepare their mind to deal with those.

Plan the future – Make sure you understand what went wrong for your kid and plan the future to prevent such happenings. Prioritize the happiness of the child over anything else in this world.

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Hope this is helpful!