Different types of minerals in mineral water include calcium, potassium, salts, and magnesium compared to normal tap water. Additionally, it is rich in different nutrients that are beneficial for the functioning of the human body. You can get bottled mineral water all around the world. However, it is impossible to afford them every time. So, it’s better to make mineral water at home with common household items. Let’s find out the easiest way to make healthier water at home.

Homemade Mineral Water Process 

Homemade Mineral Water Process 

What are the ingredients needed to make mineral water at home?

  1. Baking soda
  2. Potassium Bicarbonate
  3. Epsom salt
  4. Filtered tap water 

These are the primary ingredients for homemade mineral water recipe. Now, we will tell you the process of making mineral water at home using the above ingredients. 

1. Filter Tap Water 

The primary step in creating mineral water at home is filtering the tap water. You can make use of a regular purifier for this. Once the water is filtered, you can pour it into a clean and odor-free open vessel. 

2. Use Baking Soda 

The next step for mineral water purification is to mix the baking soda with purified tap water. You can add 1/8th teaspoon of baking soda to one liter of purified water. This mineral is essential for various health issues such as arthritis, indigestion, constipation, bloating, and dehydration. You can stir the baking soda into the water well. 

3. Add Epsom Salt 

After adding baking soda to purified water, you must add 1/8th teaspoon of Epsom salt next. Epsom salt also known as magnesium sulphate keeps humans safe from bacterial attacks. It can also improve the purity of filtered water that is available in drug stores and grocery. 

4. Use Pottassium Bicarbonate 

Add 1/8th teaspoon of pottassium bicarbonate to purified water to make it mineral water. This mineral helps reduce heart attacks and manage blood pressure in humans. 

5. Mix Well 

The last step is to mix all the ingredients together to make water completely mineral. You can use a soda siphon to mix all minerals into the purified water.  It comes with a handle and cartridge that helps disperse sparkling water or carbonated drinks. You can boil the water for a minute after blending the ingredients well. Later, keep it aside to cool down. That’s how your homemade filter water is ready after an hour. 

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Benefits of Drinking Mineral Water

Mineral water is well-known to provide multiple health benefits due to its carbonation and mineral content. Some benefits of drinking mineral water are listed below: 


How To Make Mineral Water At Home?

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Now, you have a better idea of how to make mineral water at home. Start implementing this process today instead of buying mineral water bottles from stores.