“Let the rose petal engulf 

The essence on your skin;

And may you glow and glow

With healthy skin!”

 Is Rose Water Good for Your Skin

Rose Water for skin does wonders to nurture your skin. Pamper your skin with rosewater to avoid skin related problems.

Rosewater is nothing but the potion of rose petals, a fragrant liquid. This magical fragrance has been utilized since queen Cleopatra’s reign, rose water was a part of her skincare regime. we still follow her footsteps. Rosewater, a versatile essence has been used in many fields such as food ingredients, skincare, or perfume etc.

Rosewater has been used for its medical and culinary benefits and for its fragrance in perfume.

Rosewater is the pure essence of rose petals and water.

Rosewater is a natural skin care product, with zero side effects and protects the skin against UV radiation, chemicals, and other physical pollutants.

Rose Water for Skin-How and Why?

Skin Cleanser

Your skin gets affected by harmful UV rays and pollution. Rosewater will maintain the perfect balance of PH level in the skin.

Rosewater water consists of three major elements which leave your skin clean with no dirt and cleans the clogged pores.

  1. It hydrates
  2. Moistures the skin
  3. Has anti-bacterial properties.

How to Usetake a cotton wipe pad and add a few drops of rose water in it, then start to wipe your skin. It shows all the above-mentioned results.

Rosewater enhances your skin from fatigue and it consists of properties which fight to age. If you want to remove your makeup, you are sorted if you find this rosewater in your home.

Helps for Skin Acne or Wounds

Helps for Skin Acne or Wounds

Rosewater contains antibacterial and antiseptic qualities which heals the skin wounds swiftly and prevents against infection. It serves as the natural treatment for glowing skin.

A Better Skin Toner

Rosewater is full of anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties which boost your skin tone stunningly.

Rosewater reinvigorates your skin and helps to generate new skin tissues.

If you use rosewater as a toner it balances the PH level and regulates the oil in the skin.

Helps to Reduce Puffiness around Eyes

Helps to Reduce Puffiness around Eyes

Lacking deep sleep is not only the reason for puffy eyes and dark circles, it also happens due to a poor lifestyle routine or feeling depressed, sickness etc. 

Covering your puffy eyes with concealer or foundation won’t help in the long run.

Wash your face with normal face wash and give a spray of rosewater and it will reduce the puffiness.

Hydrates the Skin

Focusing on your skincare will be a big deal when you have a busy life. Rosewater helps to avoid skin problems because of its natural skincare properties.

It adds moisture, soothes your skin, and makes your skin feel refreshed.  If you fail to take care of your skin it will become the reason for premature aging.

Add rosewater in your beauty regime to get healthy skin. Make use of it as toner, cleanser, makeup remover and add some in your face pack.

Fights Ageing

Fights Ageing

Rosewater contains anti-aging properties and it decreases the skin wrinkles. Add this fragrant liquid to your skincare routine to make your skin younger than ever.

Rose Water for skincare is very essential, it’s full of antioxidants, rejuvenating properties that help protect the skin. It’s an all-rounder for skincare, so there is no wonder why people have started practising it as a beauty regime for decades. well, How do you want to use it? As a toner, a makeup remover? Or a cleanser? The choice is yours!