Who does not enjoy a glass of chill lemon squeeze on a hot summer’s day? In addition to the fact that it is a tremendously great refreshing drink; the other good news about lemon is, it has such huge nutritional properties in it! Lemons have been around for years.

Health Benefits of Lemon

There are several health benefits from a lemon. Lemons consist of (88%) water and (10%) carbs. They contain little fat and protein. Lemons are rich in vitamins C and fiber. They carry a healthy amount of minerals like iron, potassium, calcium, etc. Vitamin C is extremely important when it comes to anticipating common cold. Viruses are all around us and many of us are prone to developing a running nose, cough, and even a headache. These issues can be very irritating and viral infections remains the most common reasons why individuals visit specialists for treatment.

 Just by consuming lemon water regularly, you could get the correct amount of vitamins C your body needs to battle with the common cold infection. So if you are looking to prevent yourself from catching sneezes, benefit from a lemon by having a glass of lemon water regularly.

Benefits of Lemon for Skin

The skin all over our body is made of different elements. One such element is collagen. Collagen gives skin its firmness and avoids the development of scarcely lines and wrinkles when healthy. Vitamin C is a fundamental part of healthy collagen. If you intake the correct quantity of vitamin C daily, you could keep your skin shining and bright all day. Squeeze lemon juice on a healthy plate of salad or just have a glass of lemon water every day.

Lemon for Dandruff and Oily Scalp

Not only is lemon good for the skin, but it is also useful for our hair. For those who are facing the dandruff problem, applying lemon on the scalps can help reduce dandruff. Oily scalps can also be cured by applying lemon juice.

Lemons for Dental Care


Keeping up good oral hygiene is critical. Lemon juice may have painkilling effects when applied locally to areas where there is a toothache. Similarly, it may help reduce gum inflammation. There is toothpaste with lemon as one of the ingredients. The antibacterial properties of the lemon can aid in keeping your teeth healthy. Simply massaging lemon juice on the gums can stop gum bleeding and eliminate the bad odor that comes with various gum diseases. 

Benefits of Lemons for Digestion Problem

Do you often experience constipation problems? You should try having a lemon. Lemon is loaded with vitamin C and it is very compelling because it contains digestive related juice which makes the process of digestion simpler. It works better when taken early in the morning with a glass of warm water. It additionally helps in improving immunity and purifying the blood. Lemon medical advantages are many, for such a small fruit.

Lemons Reduce the Risk of Cancer 

A very healthy diet rich in fruits and veggies may help you prevent some cancers growths. Studies have discovered that individuals who eat the most citrus natural fruit have a lower danger of having cancer.

Lemon Boosts the Immune System

Foods that are high in vitamin C may help strengthen the immune system against the virus that causes cold and flu. Vitamin C may likewise help support immunity in people who are experiencing extreme physical activity. Squeezing a whole lemon into a glass full of hot water with a large spoonful of honey makes a soothing drink for someone having a cold.

Lemons protect against Anemia

Iron deficiency is one of the most widely recognized deficiencies and a leading cause of anemia. It happens when you don’t get the correct amount of iron from the nourishments you eat. Since lemons contain both vitamin C and citrus extract, they may protect against anemia. 

Lemons Support Heart Health

Recent studies show that eating fruits and veggies rich in vitamin C reduces the danger of heart disease and stroke. The blood is purified and the heart and blood vessels can remain strong and well-functioning because of this vitamin C. 

High blood pressure is a well-known risk factor in the development of heart attacks. While there remain to be many studies still performed, a couple of studies have discovered that regularly consuming lemons can help lower blood pressure. Lemons have benefits but medicines and other lifestyle changes are extremely important as well.