Exercising has a lot of benefits including maintaining body weight, improving the functioning of the heart, etc. It also focuses on overall health. Exercise can majorly build and enhance your muscles, this helps you lead a healthy life even in your 60s. But, if you are a person who has got no time to work out or you are not ready for the intense and painful daily workouts, then you have to give a try to Manduu exercise fitness program. Wondering what it is? This article will help you understand everything you have to know about Manduu exercise.

What Is Manduu Exercise?

Manduu is basically a fitness program that involves EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) method to build and strengthen your muscles. The EMS method has been followed in Europe for several years but in the United States, they have started to follow it only a few years back.

What Is EMS?

EMS method was once popularly used by athletes and physiotherapists for muscle training. It is now popular and in-trend that people started to use it for personal purposes. Electric Muscle stimulation or electromyostimulation involves electric impulses that are generated by a device delivered through mild electrodes to the muscles to be stimulated. It is the first FDA( Food and Drug Administration) -cleared whole-body fitness program in the US.

How Does the Manduu Exercise Program Work?

In the Manduu exercise program, the EMS method used can help you burn up to 500 calories during each session. Each session can last for 15 to 20 minutes. This program is specially made for the people who want to lose weight and stay fit without spending much time and energy. Each 15 minutes session you spend doing the Manduu exercise program is equivalent to six hours of training in the gym as the exercise targets multiple muscles at a time.

  • Firstly, when you are signed up to take up the program your whole body is thoroughly checked and various measurements are taken such as BMI, weight, metabolic rate, and skeletal mass. You are also examined to check if you have any other physical illness in any part of the body. A complete report is produced.
  • The major advantage of this program is that there are no age restrictions, anyone from any age group can take up the program as it is completely safe. From athletes to old people anyone can take up the program.
  • You will be assigned a trainer who will take care of you throughout the session. Any injuries in the body are noted and special care is provided. They particularly concentrate on nine special areas in your body where the muscle groups are activated during the Manduu session. The EMS can penetrate around 95% of the muscle fibers in these nine muscle groups. Trainers can specifically control each muscle group at a time. To give each one sufficient attention, a trainer can only lead up to two people at a time.
  • The clients are asked a wear a suit or a device while continuing their usual workout routine which may include exercises like squats, lunges, and bench press, or usual stretching and flexing. The EMS machine or the suit you are wearing sends low-voltage electric impulses that make your muscles contract and it also extends the contradiction time. It can effectively strengthen your muscles without much strain.
  • If it is your first EMS session, it might feel a little weird as your muscles can contract by themselves without your effort. You will also get the tingling feeling while your muscles are contracting. But, this helps strengthen the injured areas and burn fat.
  • During the EMS session, clients are assigned workouts according to their age and fitness level. But most of the tasks are mild and concentrate on joints and muscles regardless of their age
  • Without affecting a person’s diet plan and exercise routine, the EMS method can effectively help improve the overall strength of the body including, abdominal obesity and body fat. EMS also can stimulate breathing and increase the heart rate so that people can get benefits similar to exercising.
  • Usually, the group of muscles trained per session completely depends on the machine, some may even concentrate on two muscle groups at a time.

One thing to keep in mind before you take-up the EMS program is to make sure that you consult your doctor in case if you have any other bodily problems. All the EMS devices are not safe, some cases have been reported of shock, skin irritation, and burns. So, be aware and make sure quality machines are used. But if you are a person with a busy lifestyle then Manduu exercise is the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle without wasting much time.

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