Tips for Healthier Restaurant Meals

Managing your diabetes meal is very important but that doesn’t mean you should avoid eating out with diabetes. There are some minor adjustments to make and you are good to go. Have diabetic restaurant tips and follow them accordingly to manage your blood sugar level. 

Diabetic Restaurant Tips for Eating out with Diabetes:

1. Ask for Help 

Ask your server for help. Ask him for a healthy side dish, to health up your meal a bit. Have a salad with dressing instead of the usual fries and cheese. Ask him to prepare your meal with less oil.

2. Order off the Menu

You can even often order “off-menu” — for example, ask what vegetarian dish the chef can prepare for you or if it’s possible to make grilled chicken and steamed vegetables. Many restaurants are happy to comply.

3. Add to Your Meal

Eating healthy is not only about avoiding unhealthy items. When you are eating out with diabetes add some healthy foods to your plate like- vegetables, fruits, grain bread, and avocados. Order lots and nuts and fruits and eat oil-free items.

4. No- Added Sugar Desserts

Sugary desserts can be tempting and mouth-watering. But always go for sugar-free desserts for a healthy life. Many restaurants provide sugar-free desserts for their customers.    

5. Smart Plan

A brisk walk before having your meal will be perfect. Choose a restaurant near-by so that you can walk there and have your meal. Put on your comfy shoes and walk for 15- minutes, it will add to your physical exercise list. 

6. Prepare Before

If you are dining with your friends, you will be given into temptation and the rush order will not be healthy. So look up the menu online and decide what will suit your diabetes meal plan. And enjoy your healthy meal with your friends.     

7.  Health Conscious People

If your friends order a healthy meal with salad, broiled fish and veggies, you are likely to order the same. And if they order creamy sauce, fatty meats, and sugary items you will give in to the temptation. So dine with some health-conscious people.

8. Grab a Snack

Don’t go starving to the restaurant. Eat a small number of snacks before leaving to the restaurant so that you won’t be filling yourself up before the meal. Simply have a fruit or a clear soup before the meal. 

9. Start Healthy 

Don’t be afraid to eat out with diabetes– Start your meal with a clear soup. It will be filled with fiber and veggies- it will be enough to take on your full healthy meal. 

10. Order Healthy

Ask for vegetables and ask them to serve all the gravies on the side. Choose broiled, baked items. Never ask for creamy, fried, cheesy items if you are maintaining a diabetes meal.

11. Black Coffee

Avoid whipped cream, sugary and chocolate coffees. They are deceiving. Always go for black coffee with skimmed milk.

12. Check Blood Sugar

After having your meal, check your blood sugar level. If it’s normal, you can order the same meal again when you visit the restaurant, but if it’s not you should cut short on the items. Follow this as one of your diabetic restaurant tips.

13. Eat Slow

Don’t be one of those fast eaters, they tend to eat more. Eating slow helps with digestion and also you will feel more satisfied with your meal.