Health and Fitness Myth

Everyone’s body is different and unique. There are a lot of health and fitness myths and tell tales which may not be true or a cause for you to bother about.  A better way to find out whether your health and fitness program works or not is to watch how your body responds to it. However, we have given common health and fitness myths that could be an eye-opener. 

1. Crunches Strengthen Your Core

One of the oldest health and fitness myths is that doing crunches can strengthen your core muscles. No.  Doing crunches for 30 minutes every day will not make your core muscles strong. Crunches do help in toning your torso muscles and making it flat.  But only a few workouts that maintain a neutral spine position like squats, pushups, and pull-ups can strengthen the core.

2.  Your Digestive System Rest When You Sleep

Another health and fitness myth of Stone Age is that your stomach sleeps while you sleep. In fact, none of your body organs like brain, heart, respiratory system or digestive system rest when you sleep.  Most of the digestion process happens during sleep as it is taken care of by the parasympathetic nervous system. Sleep helps in better absorption of nutrients and removal of toxins from the cells.

3. Exercise at Least for One Hour Daily

Fitness-Health and Fitness Myth

This health and fitness myth probably must have originated from people who don’t miss their everyday workout ritual. But as it’s been said not everyone’s body is the same that it is not recommended for some people as it can cause adverse effects like soreness and fatigue. The key is listening to your body.

4. Fats Are Bad

It is a classic health and fitness myth. Fats are not bad for you. Now read it over and over again. Fats give you energy when the body is deprived of carbohydrates. In a decade where there is a diet (Keto) which is built on the basis of fat found solely for weight loss. Fats are important for brain development and its overall function. Hormones are made up of fat molecules. Some of the nutrients are absorbed as fats.

5. Spot Reduction

Whether you buy this health and fitness myth or not spot reduction is impossible. You can only either lose or gain weight all over.  All the diets and workouts in the world cannot help you in spot reduction. 

6. Women Shouldn’t Lift Weights

This may not be one of the most popular health and fitness myths but it makes some women hesitate to do weight training. It is because they believe that doing weight training will build muscles which are not true. It helps reduce weight and also makes one become strong and fit.

Exercises help maintain our health and fitness. But they don’t necessarily have a similar effect on each person.