Blood donation is a simple and easy process that saves lives. Single blood donation can save three lives. It is not only beneficial for the patients who receive blood but also for the donors. Yes! You read it right. Experts say that there are many health benefits after blood donation. 

The report submitted by the Mental Health Foundation said it is beneficial for the donors emotionally in many ways. It is to be noted that there are surprising benefits to donating blood.

Why is blood donation Important?

  • To feel together rather than alone increases the sense of sharing positive vibes. 
  • The act of kindness spreads around the world which increases confidence and grows along with the community. 
  • The brain-linked happiness exists when you help others. 
  • Benefits your physical well-being.

Who can donate blood?

You are ready to donate blood if you are a healthy adult and find the several criteria below, 

  • The age criteria should be above 17 years old
  • Possess good health condition
  • Make sure you let the health care providers know about your medical condition or if you are undergoing any medications. 
  • Donor weight should be at least 50 kg. 

Advantages of donating blood

Quickly have a look at some of the surprising benefits of donating blood.

Prevents hemochromatosis

The excess iron intake is said to be hemochromatosis which causes severe health problems such as liver disease, heart-related problems, and diabetes. Blood donation helps to prevent hemochromatosis. 

Cancer risk 

The benefits go on to a list. Donating blood helps to maintain the iron level in the body when it is high it may lead to cancer whereas if it is low it causes iron deficiency and initiates many health problems. 

Production of blood cell

When a person donates blood, it will replenish and stimulate the production of new cells. This helps in maintaining good health. 

This is one of the best advantages of blood donation. 

Personal satisfaction

Donating blood can provide a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, knowing that you have helped save someone’s life.


Blood donation is a cost-effective way to help save lives. The cost of collecting, testing, and processing blood ismuch lower than the cost of developing a synthetic blood substitute.

Hassle-free process

The process of donating blood takes less than an hour, and the actual donation only takes about 10-15 minutes. It’s also a simple process that involves a quick physical examination, a small blood sample, and a donation of one pint of blood. 

Matching donors with recipients

The American Red Cross and other blood donation organizations maintain a national blood donor registry that helps match blood donors with recipients in need of specific blood types.

Interesting facts about blood donation

  • There are various types of blood donation like whole blood donation, plasma donation, platelet donation, double red cell donation, and autologous donation. 
  • Blood type O negative is known as the “universal donor” because it can be transfused to any person, regardless of their blood type. However, O-negative blood is also in high demand because it is the blood type most often used in emergencies. 
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