Should you purposely allow your child to get chickenpox?

Chickenpox is an infection caused by the virus varicella zoster. Nowadays there are several vaccinations available against catching this virus.Despite getting vaccinated there are chances of you getting chickenpox. The vaccine is not 100% foolproof. Thought the vaccinated child will develop the infection in a mild manner with lesser number of blisters.

The question that is raised here is whether we should allow our children to purposely get the virus.Usually when this varicella virus attacks our body, our immune system releases antibodies that kill the virus along with providing lifelong immunity to the same virus. So it is very rare for a person to catch chickenpox more than once in his or her lifetime.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of purposely allowing a child to catch chickenpox.

Pros of allowing child to catch the virus:

  • The virus is usually milder in children as compared to adults.
  • The risk and complications when acquired as an adult is high.
  • Chickenpox in pregnancy can cause complications.
  • Catching the virus is almost inevitable, so since the risks at a younger age are lesser, it’s better to get it over with sooner.

Why we should not allow children to catch it on purpose:

  • It can cause serious complications in very rare cases.
  • Why should you unnecessary subject a child to a virus or illness?

The subject of encouraging a child to mix with children who have the infection is one of controversy.

But remember it is always better not to encourage the virus if there is anyone in your household who stands any risk or complication of health by catching this virus.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf