Weight Loss Tips for Kids Who Are OverweightNowadays, obesity is a concern that is not only prevalent among adults but disrupts the lives of kids too. Overfeeding, lack of exercise, depression due to loneliness, genes, and thyroid are some of the reasons why kids gain weight more than what their age and height demands. Remember that adult diets don’t work with your kids as they need enough nutrients for physical and brain development. Here are 5 weight loss tips every parent can follow to bring their kids back in shape along with maintaining proper health.

Simple Weight Loss Tips for Overweight Kids

1. Don’t Cut down on Calories

As mentioned before, children require more nutrients than an average adult for growth and proper brain performance. Hence, it is definitely not a good idea to cut down on calories. Instead, divide your kid’s 3 large meals into 4 to 5 smaller ones so that his energy level doesn’t drop.

2. Include Protein-Rich Foods

Include Protein-Rich Foods

Make delicious recipes with wheat bread, eggs, milk, and whole grains for breakfast so that he gets a good amount of fiber which induces fat reduction. Swapping sugar with jaggery is also one of the good practices to do once in a while. Apart from this, include enough amounts of carbs as well for him to maintain stamina. 

3. Stop Feeding Your Kid Processed Food

Processed foods such as noodles, pasta, oil-fried snacks, pizzas, and other junk foods need to be slowly cut down for a healthy weight. Feed your kid with home-cooked food and nutritious snacks such as protein bars, nuts, oat cookies, fruit cakes, etc. Sodas, aerated drinks, and energy boosters contain huge amounts of sugar and caffeine. Hence, they should be avoided too.

4. Encourage Him to Participate in Physical Activities

Encourage Him to Participate in Physical Activities

Today, as much as the gadgets have advanced, children have stopped stepping out to play. Sticking to the mobile for long hours affects their eyes as well as makes them lead a sedentary lifestyle. Train your kid in a particular sport or take him to a nearby park for a game of shuttle or tennis. This is a sure-shot way for him to lose unhealthy weight and become fit. 

5. Involve Your Family in the Process

Kids learn a lot from the people around them. Encourage your family to talk to your child about how important it is to remain healthy. Instead of you putting in all the effort, it is better if every person in the family contributes to the well-being of your child. This will let him understand that he is not alone and will create a sense of belonging. 

It is important to understand that not all weight loss tips recommended by your peers, colleagues, or the ones you read on the web should be followed. Talk to your kid’s pediatrician about the reason for him being overweight and draft a specific plan according to your child’s health conditions. 

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