Brown Fat Helps You Reduce Weight!

Brown fat or brown adipose tissue helps to turn food into body heat and it is found in all mammals. This helps you to maintain your body conditions in cold weather. It also contains large quantities of mitochondria which burn calories to produce heat.

Brown adipose tissue stores energy in a smaller space than white fat and it is largely found in newborns and it is also present in inactive adults and it decreases with age. Unlike brown fat, white adipose tissue or white fat is responsible for obesity and it’s difficult to burn them.

How It Helps to Burn Calories

Mitochondria in brown fat acts as an ‘engine’ and burns calories to produce heat. It also contains more iron-rich mitochondria than white fat. Mitochondria in it is the main key factor that helps you to lose weight. Brown adipose tissue is the only tissue in the body that generates three hundred times more heat. 

  1. Research says that obese or overweight people increasing their brown fat intentionally can reduce excess white fat.
  2. The main purpose of brown fat is to transfer the energy from food we eat into heat. This process takes place in two ways i) By creating heat with help of calories or energy, this heat cuts down other fat cells and stops the fat build-up ii)It balances blood sugar which helps you to control the secretion of hunger hormones.

Simple Tips to Improve Brown Fat

Don’t Starve or Stuff

Overconsumption can increase white fat but on the other side, if you eat little, brown fat will slow down its activity


A hot environment can block brown fat activity. Exercising in 62°F to 64°F can boost the number of calories you burn. Regular exercise has a positive impact on the release of hormones that control body fat.

Eat Apple

Apple peel contains a higher concentration of ursolic acid. Ursolic acid increases brown fat and skeletal muscle which leads to burning calories.

Exposure to Cold Temperature

The simple way to activate your brown fact is exposure to cold temperature, moderate cold exposure can trigger your brown fat. People with brown adipose tissue can burn up to 15 calories in short-term cold exposure than people without it.

Reduce Stress

Research says many health problems are related to stress. It can even increase or worsen your disease. Stress is closely related to insomnia, overweight, or obesity. Stress also plays an important role in maintaining your health. Reducing stress can make you sleep better, and it gives strength to exercise well. Overall, it gives you the ability to improve brown fat.