8 Questions you need to ask before surgery

The prospect of having surgery can be scary. One has to physically and mentally prepare oneself for the surgery. It is the right of a person to question the doctor and its administration the treatment that he has authorized them to do. You are free to ask questions before, during and even after the surgery.

So go ahead and ask these questions:

Do I really need this surgery?

  • Sometimes it might be important to ask the doctor whether another alternative other than surgery is available to cure the existing condition.
  • You are free to question the need for the surgery, its expected outcome and the possible side effects.
  • It is better to ask a doctor this question that surf the internet for the answer to this question, which is what most people do.

What is the procedure that will be performed?

  • Surgeries can be done in several ways. You can know whether you are operated through the laparoscopic method or regular surgery method by incision.

What is the cost of the surgery?

  • You are also entitled to know the cost of the surgery and other procedures before the surgery.
  • Check with your insurance company whether it is affiliated to the hospital that your surgery is to take place and whether the cost of surgery is covered in the insurance.
  • Also make sure you fill out all the necessary forms and apply for the insurance so that you don’t miss out on it later.

What is the facility’s and doctors experience with the type of surgery?

  • After deciding whether you need the surgery or not, you might want to hear of the experience of the facility in conducting such surgeries and the success rate of these operation performed.
  • You should make sure that the place where the surgery is taking place is equipped to perform the required surgery.
  • The past experience of the doctor in performing such a surgery also makes a lot of difference and you might want to know whether the doctor and his team is abreast with the latest technology and knowledge.

How do I prepare for the surgery?

  • All patients need to prepare themselves before surgery. Some might need more preparation than others.
  • Do find out from the doctor or other medical staffs whether you need to follow any special diet, or take any blood or other tests before the actual procedure.

What is the anesthesia used?

  • The anesthesia in a surgery is very important. Different anesthesia is used for different surgeries. Find out from your doctor which one is planned to be used for your surgery.
  • The doctor might opt to only numb a section of your body, or you might be put on a general anesthesia that only changes the level of your consciousness and doesn’t put your sense out fully.

How long will it take and if extra blood will be needed?

  • You might want to know how long the procedure takes and how soon you will regain consciousness.
  • If you find out beforehand, you might be able to use your own blood for the surgery, provided there is at least a 2 week gap. The 2 week gap is required for your body to recover after donating your own blood for the procedure.

How soon will I recover?

  • You can ask the doctor how soon you will need to recuperate from the surgery and if any complications may arise. Know what to expect so that you and your loved ones can be prepared of the probable outcome.
  • Learn of how you should take care of yourself after the surgery and whether you can go back to your usual activities.

Do ask these questions to educate yourself on the surgery and also alleviate all the fears you might have inside you.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf