6 Lies that you need to stop telling the doctor

All of us lie at some instance in our lives. Not all lies are harmful. But those that can have a negative impact on our health or can affect issues relating to health and relationships should be avoided at all costs. A doctor is a person who cures us when sick and if we start telling lies to him, it’s our health alone that’s going to go for a toss.

Unless you want to suffer from something more serious, here are a few lies that you should refrain from telling your doctor:

  • I don’t smoke

Smoking causes a lot of complications in our body. Do not hide this fact from your doctor as sometimes the medicines he prescribes might not work or might cause harm when it combines with the smoke of your cigarettes.

  • I drink occasionally

Admit to your doctor the actual amount of alcohol consumed by you. Alcohol has a negative impact on your health. It can affect your blood pressure or even cause complications to heart patients. Do not hide the fact that you drink. Your doctor will need to know this fact to prescribe medications accordingly.

  • I don’t do drugs

You should never lie to your doctor if you have taken drugs. Drugs prevent medication from doing their work. If your doctor doesn’t know that you have taken or take drugs he might prescribe meds that will cause harm to your organs if clubbed with the drugs in your body. If you skip mentioning the fact that you do drugs to your doctor then he might prescribe drugs that are addictive and keep your drug problem from spiraling.

  • I haven’t slept with anyone

Sometimes you do need to tell your doctor of your sleeping habits that is who you were sleeping with. This will help the doctor in diagnosing STD’s and other infections caused by sleeping together with others.

  • I’m not taking anything

You might avoid telling your doctor the fact that you are on any multi-vitamins or herbal supplements. As harmless as this may sound, but several herbal supplements and drugs interfere in the natural course of other medications.

  • I’m taking the meds as how it’s instructed to

Some of us skip taking medicines that the doctors have prescribed due to reasons ranging of being busy and of being just plain busy. Your doctor might land up thinking that the medicine he prescribed for you is not working.

So just spill the truth out to your doctor so that it will help treat you better and also avoid unnecessary complications.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf