Most of us are aware of all the health and skin benefits of orange pulp. But most of us who eat oranges, normally throw out the peel. However, most of the benefits of orange are in its skin itself. Here are the stunning benefits of orange peel.

Eat it

There are a number of ways of consuming orange peel to add flavor to your food. You can make orange peel pickles, use it as a garnish for your dessert, add it as zest, or even to prepare orange flavored tea.

Try searching for some recipes on the internet.

Mosquito Repellent

Rub it all over your body to prevent mosquito bites as the orange’s citric flavor is effective against mosquitoes

Good for oral health

Orange peel has antibacterial properties that prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth which ultimately solves major oral health issues.  It can also be used as a mouth freshener if you’re suffering from bad breath; you can just chew an orange peel rather than a gum or a mouth freshener and there you have a natural mouth freshener.

it is also used for teeth whitening.

To clean and sterilize vessels

Boil the orange peel in a vessel and leave it for 15-30 minutes, then rinse it. You will find that all the sticky impurities that have been stuck are gone and smells fresh.

Orange peel for the face

Orange peels are known for their beneficial effects on the skin. They brighten your face by removing the dead cells, cure acne, blackheads, pores and dark circles.

You can either powder (sun-dried ) them and apply with milk or curd on the face as a face mask or even squeeze the juice from the peel onto a pimple to clear up acne

For Headache

Orange peel is also used in aromatherapy. It can treat headache, anxiety, and depression.

Boil a handful of dried orange peels, cinnamon, and cardamom in water. This will freshen up your mood and air in the house.


Orange Peel is very helpful in reducing the chances of constipation. It also helps in reducing gas, heartburn, and vomiting.

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