Spell Your Name And Do the Workout!


A. 10 Pushups



B.  20 Sit outs
C. 10 Second Glute Bridge
D. 12 Burpees
E. 20 Second Planks
F. 10 Sit ups
G. 20 Leg Drops
H.15 Squats
I. 20 Lunges
J. 10 Hip Raise
K. 30 Second Wall sit
L. 25 Step up
M. 15 Calf Raise
N. 20 Triceps Dips
O. 15 Arm Circles
P. 15 Second Shoulder Bridge
Q. 25 Leg Lift
R. 10 Core Roll up
S. 25 Bicycle crunch
T. Bent Knee Push up
U. 20 Second Single Leg Stand
V. 10 Jumping Jacks
W. 10 Mountain Climbers
X.  10 Second Planks


Y.  10 Second V Sits
Z.  10 Squats

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