Poha or flattened rice is a popular Indian breakfast. Some of you would have had poha all your childhood as breakfast. So let’s see what makes poha a special ingredient in Indian kitchens.

Poha is rich in iron, carbohydrates, vitamin B, and protein hence it is a good source of instant energy. Poha can be cooked without being fried in oil or adding too many ingredients to make it a healthy dish. And basically, poha is nothing but beaten rice which has higher iron content and being easily digestible makes it a better option than white rice. These benefits of poha have made Indian moms treat poha as an unavoidable ingredient for breakfast or evening snack.

To know more about what makes poha a special breakfast or snack item read further and get to know its health benefits.

Health benefits of poha

Controls blood sugar

Poha being rich in fiber than other refined foods is very helpful in stabilizing blood sugar. Because fiber doesn’t get absorbed by your body rather it aids in a slow and steady release of sugar in the body. So consuming flattened rice regularly can control sudden spikes in blood sugar in the body.

Healthy carbohydrate

When you’re diabetic, what you hear is avoid carbohydrates completely. But you don’t have to do that, just maintaining a healthy carbohydrate level is enough and essential because your body needs an agent to provide you energy and store them. Poha being a great source of carbohydrate can do this job of providing instant energy and at the same time it stabilizes the blood sugar levels.

 Rich in iron

As already said, poha is rich in iron. When you are diagnosed with anemia or your doctor prescribes tablets for iron deficiency then what you must start doing is add poha to your breakfast regularly.

If you regularly have poha then you will never face anemia or iron deficiency. Pregnant women can rely on poha for eliminating gestational anemia. Also, if you want to make protein-rich poha dishes just add peanuts and sprouts to them. A super healthy breakfast is ready!

Low in calories

Poha is so low in calories that a bowl of cooked poha has 250 calories approx. It has 70% carbs and 30 % fat. Even if you are on your diet, you don’t have to cut down on your delicious breakfast cravings. Poha can be eaten regularly without worrying about calories. And if you feel like it’s fetching you less nutrition just add a lot of vegetables. Now your plate is equally rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Good for weight loss

If you are planning to follow a diet to lose weight then your foods must be rich in protein and fiber but low in carbohydrates. And the key point is burning calories, that is either you have to consume fewer calories than what you burn or burn more calories than what you eat. Poha being a low-calorie food is best to fit in your weight loss diet.

Best food to curb your appetite

Poha is the best food to cut your hunger pangs. Fiber-rich poha can leave you feeling full for a longer time and helps to avoid overeating. The best part is it is easy to prepare also is healthy for your body. Enjoy poha as your breakfast, main dish or snack coz it is tasty healthy, quick and filling.

After knowing the benefits of poha, you would like to try some poha recipes. Don’t worry we have a list of ideas which you can make in a few minutes.


  • Soak flattened rice in water or milk, with salt or water, add nuts, spices and lightly fry them in oil, poha dish called malwa is ready to serve.
  • Immerse poha in hot water, add little sugar and tasty porridge is ready
  • Simply you can mix poha with jaggery and have it as a tummy-filling snack.