7 Ways to get rid of unwanted hair

Unwanted hair is almost like a curse to women. They make us feel almost unfeminine, one with masculine features. Unwanted hair can be removed by permanent or temporary methods.

Here are few ways to remove your unwanted hair. See which method you’d like to adopt to remove those ugly unwanted hair.

  • Laser

Laser treatment for hair removal is one of the most popular permanent solutions for removing your unwanted hair. It is a little heavy on the pocket and will require a couple of sittings for all the hair to come off completely.

Laser treatments are more successful on dark skinned women with dark hair. The thicker the hair, the easier it is to get effected by the laser.

  • Threading

This method is popularly used in Asia to pull off unwanted hair. This is a temporary method.

  • Waxing

Hair removal by tweezing is perfect if you have a lot of unwanted hair as this method lasts longer than the other temporary methods of hair removal. The best part is that it is quick and less painful.

  • Tweezing

Always keep a pair of tweezers handy if you have a few unwanted hairs to pull out. This temporary method is ideal if you have very few hairs, as it is a time consuming process.

  • Electrolysis

This is the oldest permanent method of hair removal. It is a very painful process but does deliver excellent results.

  • Hair removal cream

Removing hair using hair removal cream is temporary and as a matter of fact grows back faster than other temporary methods. You will have to repeat the process every other week.

  • Intense pulsed light

This is another method like that of the laser treatment and just as expensive. But it is a favored permanent hair removal treatment. The hair will fall off permanently or grow back finer.

It is up to you to choose which method of hair removal is best for you. Weigh all the options and decide.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf