7 Reasons why your breasts are sagging

Breasts do not look nice when they are sagging. The sign of a sexy woman is a healthy bust that holds shape on its own and sits straight like the shoulders that adds to her existing svelte.

If your breasts are sagging, here are a few points to help you figure out the reason:

  • Big breasts

If you are naturally blessed with big breasts, it could be a cause of your sagging breasts. The weight of the breasts might be causing it to droop downwards. Gravity eventually plays a big role when it comes to weight.

You can solve the problem by wearing bras with good support and even try to lose some weight. Another more complicated solution is surgery, which can be resorted to as the last solution to the problem.

  • Blame the Genes

Some women might naturally have breasts that are structured the way that they are. So if you feel they are droopy and if they are structured that way, there is not much that you can do about it.

If the problem of sagging breasts is troubling you that much then you might want to try some breast muscle strengthening exercises or wear uplifting bras.

  • Smoking

Smoking apart from ruining the overall health of your body also kills the collagen in the body, responsible for the elasticity of your skin. So nip this bad habit in the bud unless you want to suffer from sagging breasts forever.

  • Weight loss or crash dieting

When you gain weight the skin expands and fills out with the extra weight gained. Similarly when you lose weight suddenly, the skin does not get enough time to cope in reducing the extra skin.

The skin cannot snap out and snap in according to your convenience. It’s a time consuming process that affects elasticity of the skin that only gets repaired over time.

  • Wrongly fitted bra

Nearly 80% of women wear the wrong sizes or wrongly fitted bras. So if the fitting is not right, it might cause the bras to sag, thereby causing or adding a lot of stress to the collagen in your skin, especially near the breasts. Always wear a bra that holds it right.

  • Bad posture

When you stand or sit straight, your breasts also stand out. Make it a habit to maintain a good posture so that even your breasts get the benefit of it and do not sag.

  • Sun damage

The UV rays of the sun damages the skin to the extent that it loses its elasticity. So if you have been exposing your breasts to the sun, the chances are that they are sagging due to the damage caused by the sun.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf