Mothers are always confused whether to send their kids to play school or to keep them at home. What’s not to like about being off-duty while knowing that your child in in a safe and caring environment and in safe hands?
What preschool actually does is prepare the little ones for the time when they will go to actual elementary school. Here you child will pick up age appropriate skills and by playing, exploring and in other fun ways.

Here are 6 reasons why you should not deprive your child of this experience:

1)    Practice social skills

Social butterflies that are bored of sitting at home and seeing the same faces will get to spread their wings in a group setting. Kids who don’t mingle will learn to become a part of a pack.
Taking part in activities like sing-along, story time, painting, hands-on projects like dress-up, puppet shows and building blocks teach them to share, take turns and even follow instructions.


2)    Introduction to the basics

Kids going to preschool get exposure to basic concepts by their exposure to letters by singing songs, numbers through counting blocks, language skills through story time, math concepts through cooking and colors through painting. There fun activities boost kids curiosity and knowledge in a pressure-free way.

children learning in play school

3)    Learning about the big wide world

At preschool you child will get the opportunity to discover things about the world himself. He will observe things in the playground, while washing up and many more other instances.


4)    Develop creativity

Preschool teachers engage in a lot of art and craft activities. This not only will develop your kid’s motor skills but also bring out the hidden Picasso in your little one.

creative children

5)    Fun

You child will enjoy with kids of his own age and don’t forget that he learns stuff through fun.

children enjoying

6)    Expert guidance

Your child will have new teachers to learn from who are experts in child development.

So now that you know what your child will get out of preschool it’s time for you to hunt for a good one for your baby.