Life is short. There is too much to do and too little time. If we didn’t plan and schedule everything we wouldn’t have time to do all that we want. And so we have schedules and routines.

Routines are fantastic. They are essential when you are a parent and need to successfully ‘run’ more than one life.

Routines and schedules for children are always created by parents with the best of intentions. We want our children to grow up healthy and enriched with myriad experiences. And with the limited time that we have available, we know that tight schedules are the only ways to make that happen.

And we are right. Routines do work. And because they work so well, sometimes, without us realizing it, they take over our lives. They comfort us with their predictability and efficiency and are able to convince us that anything different from what they specify is unacceptable.

Allowing routines and schedules to hijack our lives robs us of this opportunity one day at a time.
If you find you are saying one or more of the following things too often to your child, it may be time to review your child’s routine

rush up

1. Are you saying “Come on…come on…quick…quick” all the time?

When you are compelled to rush your child all the time you have to recognize that you have in your enthusiasm over scheduled your child. The routine of driving your child from class to class and activity to activity has now become the routine that makes you. It is time to slow down.

It’s time to cancel that fun plan that is no longer looking like fun. Go when it’s actually going to be fun.

Without an iota of guilt pull your child out of that hobby class at a distant location. It may be the best, but it’s not right for your child right now.
Every child is different. Just because all the other kids are doing something your child doesn’t necessarily have to do it right then too. The experiences will be right there when he/she is ready.

2. Are you saying “No no……….we can’t do that now.” all the time?
Parenting a child is an opportunity to live creatively. As parents we often forgo that opportunity because we are in the clutches of our routines.

Routines however should never stand in the way of spontaneity and exciting experiences
Even if it is dinner time – indulge your child and watch the little dance your child has been practicing all evening or allow the magic trick your child wants to try on you. It will only take a few minutes to watch and applaud after all.

Flexibility is one of the most important parental qualities

3. Are you always correcting your child and saying “No! Not like that. Do it this way”

As parents we are responsible for teaching our children how to do things the right way. But when we correct children all the time we could be turning into helicopter parents who are falling into the trap of hyper parenting.
Sometimes children should be given the opportunity to do things a certain way “just because” they want to do it that way.
It is important to do things the right way and to stick to routines but when routines begin to stand frequently in the way of spontaneity and fun it is time to rethink them.

no to child
4. Are you always asking “Now why do you want to do that?
It is important that childhood should be filled with a variety of experiences and as conscientious parents it should be what we strive to ensure for our children.

A child’s creativity needs room for expansion. And it should not be necessary for a child to give you ten good reasons why he wants to do something whimsical
Instead of asking “Why”,can we sometimes not ask “Why not?”
It is important to encourage creativity. Children learn by being creative and imaginative.

It can turn out to be a tremendous boost to your child’s self-esteem in addition to being a hands-on learning experience.
If it is your child’s jam packed schedule that is keeping you from saying “yes” to new ideas – definitely rethink the schedule.

Don’t rush children into tomorrow. Let them live in the moment.

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