5 Tips to get the techniques right in grilling vegetables

None of us are born knowing all the techniques of grilling food. It’s either a trial or error method or you learn it from someone or you read about it.  It’s better to know about the mistakes that you can make before doing something rather than making the mistakes and weeping over them.

Vegetables are very delicate. You should be careful not to burn them and get just the right amount of smoke in them.

Here are some techniques that you need to get right when grilling vegetables.

  • Grease

Vegetables tend to be drier as compared to meat. So don’t forget to brush on some healthy oils on them before they hit the grill. Do not use so much that they are dripping off but just enough to keep them moist. It would be a good idea to baste vegetables as they are getting grilled.

  • Know about the density and textures of the vegetables

Some vegetables take longer to cook than others. For example potatoes will take longer to cook as compared to regular vegetables like bell peppers and onions.

  • Use skewers

Small vegetables like cherry tomatoes and baby corn can easily fall through the grate. So instead use a grilling basket with foil or skewers to grill them.

  • Size

If you want your vegetables to cook sooner then cut them into thinner slices or pieces. For round vegetables you can opt to cut them in thin circles to get them cooked faster and with more crunchiness. The smaller pieces of vegetables will cook soon on skewers.

  • Packets

To make things interesting you can try cooking a mixture of thinly sliced veggies in foil packets on the grill. The juices from all the vegetables together will blend and lend a wonderful taste to these grilled vegetables. The foil will prevent them from drying out as well. But again do not forget to oil them before you toss them together.

So get the grill smoking hot so that you can try grilling these healthy options along with your regular grilled items.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf