10 Tips that we need to learn and follow from people who work out in the mornings

They say that the workout done in the morning is the best. Most of us have the problem of waking up early in the mornings. We often wonder how they do it. How do they manage to stick to this routine of working out daily in the mornings?

  • Keep things ready the night before

It might seem silly but it’s easier and gets you moving faster if you set out your gym clothes to wear in the morning and also the food ready for you to snack before you head out for that intense workout.

  • Set multiple alarms

Set several alarms. It helps if you set the alarm with an alarm that has a motivational song that is bound to get you out of bed. For example you can set your alarm with the son, ‘Get up and move it move it’.  Set the alarm for a time earlier that you should actually wake up so in case you miss the first one, you’ll not get delayed by the next one.

  • Drink water

They drink water the first thing in the morning to flush out the toxins from the body. When you sleep, your body gets dehydrated. So it is very important to compensate the water loss as soon as you wake up.

  • Cleanse the system with honey or lemon drops

It can be good for people who want to cleanse their system or lose weight to add a few drops of lemon or honey to the water that they drink, on an empty stomach.

  • They snack on healthy food before a workout

It is always best to fuel your workout. People who work out daily snack on fruits or make a smoothie to get them up and going through their daily routine.

  • They listen to music

Music gets your blood pumping faster through your veins. Wake up and breakfast to your favorite dance numbers. Don’t forget to take your I-pod to listen to when you head out for your workout.

  • They use caffeine to kick-start the day

Caffeine can trigger and charge you up to get you up and moving all day.

  • They eat a second breakfast

Smart people eat right and at the right intervals. Those who exercise in the mornings usually have a light snack before they head out for their workout and then have a hearty breakfast when they get back.

  • They wake up with positive thoughts and energy

If you want to wake up and feel motivated to exercise in the wee hours of the morning then it is important that you wake up with happy feelings and thoughts.

For example you can thank God for the wonderful life he has given you and whatever you are grateful to him for. You can think about what will bring you happiness in the course of the day etc…

  • They sleep early

To wake up early you do need to turn into bed early. If you do not get the amount of sleep that your body deserves then you will be faced with fatigue in the morning that will in turn prevent you from waking up and getting time to work out.

Chart out a daily routine that fits into your schedule and make it a ritual that you cannot do without in a day.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf