Anxiety and stress seem to be the major concern among the young these days. Insomnia and depression have become so common that there is a huge increase in the number of youth heading for therapies and pills to have an uninterrupted sleep time. But, hey, did you know that there are drinks that could help you unwind from all the trauma that has been giving you a difficult time?

Ginger Tea

All thanks to the aromatic properties of ginger; there is no stress that a hot cup of ginger tea can’t relieve. Along with being a highly flavored spice, ginger carries commendable medicinal properties that have the ability to ease anything from common cold to indigestion. So, this miracle drink is sure going to help you ease your mind, body, and soul in every way possible.

Tender Coconut

A natural chiller and a summer favorite that’ll soothe even the most tiring day; the world needs more of tender coconut. The goodness of coconut water is so much that doctors have been prescribing it for ages. Especially for people struggling with urinary infections and kidney problems, tender coconut is a great asset.

Cherry Juice

Before we begin, make sure your cherry juice is free from added sugars and artificial flavors. Preferably, opt a bottle of tart cherry juice that is organic. This is a factor to be stressed as the added sweeteners might actually spoil the whole intent of consuming this relaxing drink. Tart cherry juices seem to regulate the sleep-wake cycle by inducing sleep and is sold as a good relaxant.

Chocolate Milk Shake

A lil’ of chocolate in your drink isn’t that bad, after all, is it? Yes, we do agree it is a high-calorie intake but it does magic like no other relaxant. The serotonin in chocolate helps the mind and body de-stress by inducing sleep. Especially, when consumed in the form of milkshake, there couldn’t be a better lip-smacking alternative.

Lemon Water

A detox drink in itself, consuming lemon water early in the morning is an amazing way to stabilize the body and flush out the waste. The surprise factor here is that it provides a sense of ease by helping in digestion and keeping the body hydrated ultimately giving a good night’s sleep. It’s also the most economical relaxant that you could prepare anytime at home.

Take occasional breaks, head out to the country side, or fly on a trip to an island to calm yourself from those tiring responsibilities. These days, self pampering seems like a luxury, but, in reality, it is much-needed every now and then.

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