Shaving if done the right way gives you perfect results. All men shave and it is the inevitable grooming act that keep men looking tiptop.Improper shaving methods can lead to ingrown hairs, bumps and redness.

So if you want to enjoy a smooth shaving experience, follow these following steps.

  1. Cleanse-The first step to any grooming procedure is to cleanse. So before you shave, use a cleanser to soften your skin to prepare it for the shave.
  2. Exfoliate-The next step involves scrubbing the dead layer of skin off the surface. Scrubbing not only removes the dead skin but it also leaves you feeling energized by increasing the blood circulation in the face.Remember do not scrub too hard. Be gentle as the skin on your face is a little sensitive as compared to the other areas.
  3. Shave-Then comes the actual step of shaving. Use a blade or shaving stick that suits you best. Apply shaving cream, foam or gel on your face using a foaming brush or even your fingers will do.Shave in gentle strokes. Try to shave only in one direction so as to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hair.Do not use rusted blades and make sure you keep the razor wet while shaving for a smooth finish.
  4. Soothe-Your skin goes through a lot when shaving. Use a balm or a cream to soothe razor burns. Avoid products that contain alcohol, parben and menthol
  5. Fragrance-You might want to dab on a little fragrant oil or perfume to be used on the face especially after a shave.

Hope these steps help you get that super smooth shave that you’ve always dreamed about.