For those who don’t know about mastitis let me tell you it’s a painful condition that affects lactating mothers when their milk ducts gets blocked. They are usually it caused by bacteria, although fungal (yeast infections) can also be the cause. She can feel a hard, sore spot inside the breast.

young woman with breast pain touching chest
Mastitis may occur at any time as long as a woman is breast feeding. When mastitis is severe, an abscess (collection of pus from an infection) may develop in the breast.


Before you think of antibiotic for mastitis here are a few home remedies that can provide the much needed relief and solution to the problem:


1) Hot and cold compress

Both hot and cold compress are effective in dealing with the pain and swelling.
Apply a hot compress few minutes before you are going to nurse your baby. The heat will help loosen the blockage and ducts and make nursing easier.
The same way cold compress is applied after nursing to soothe the swollen ducts.

2) Massage

Massage helps in stimulating the mammary glands that can help the clogged duct release the blockage.
Massage in circles every hour gently and you will see the difference, especially in the soreness.


3) Constant nursing

Mastitis in a lot of cases occurs when the lactating mother has gone for long hours without nursing her baby, due to which the ducts get blocked. The first step that you need to take is to sit in a quiet corner and keep nursing your baby.
By nursing your baby constantly you will get things flowing.

4) Water and probiotics

Drinking water is extremely important when fighting mastitis as it helps in maintaining your milk supply along with fighting the infection.
Probiotics keep your immune system strong.

5) Garlic

Your milk might not taste great after consuming garlic but a few days of garlic to fight the infection wont amount to much. Garlic has been found to be very effective in fighting the infection.

Do try these home remedies before you head to the doctor.