Does your happy child start screaming as soon as bedtime arrives? Don’t worry! Bedtime tantrums are very common with children. This behavior is a normal part of the child’s development and can be caused by various factors like hunger, fear, or separation anxiety. But bedtime doesn’t have to be a battle every night. Check out these hacks to avoid bedtime tantrums.

1. Proper Bedtime Routine

Have a proper bedtime routine

Having a proper bedtime routine helps the child to fall asleep earlier. So one of the easiest ways to set your child up for a good sleep is by creating a proper bedtime routine. Establishing a routine with your child makes it easier to maintain healthy habits as they grow.

2. Give Them Rewards

Start giving rewards to children who need more attention and appreciation. Use rewards in the form of encouragement to continue positive habits. The type of reward may vary. You might want to give your child a significant reward based on their behavior or achievements. 

3. Play Soothing Music

Cute smiling girl hearing music

Play soothing music, because it helps the child to fall asleep easily. Ensure the volume is low enough not to disrupt the child’s sleep. Consistently playing the same music every night can help the child associate the music with bedtime, aiding them in relaxing faster.

4. Give a Bath or Shower

Give a Bath or Shower

While many people prefer to take baths in the morning to start the day, an evening bath can also help relax before bedtime. Giving your child a bath at night serves a dual purpose: it cleans them after a day of activities and improves the quality of their sleep. It washes away the dirt and mess accumulated from their day’s adventures, promoting better sleep.

5. Problem Solving

If your child finds it difficult to sleep, ‘solve the problem.’ For example, if your child refuses to stay in their own bed, ask them why. And talk about the reasons why they get up so often. So that you would be able to know why the child is not sleeping. And try to solve the problem from your side. It helps the child to have a free mind at bedtime for a good sleep.

6. Proper Food

As we all know, proper meals before bed are very important. Going to sleep on an empty stomach can trigger a child’s sleep and lead to bedtime tantrums. Providing a small, nutritious snack before bed that satisfies hunger may help the child fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night. Particularly, drinking milk before bedtime contributes to a peaceful sleep.

7. Bedtime Stories

Mother and kid with a storybook

Storytelling is one of the best ways to induce sleepiness in a child. Bedtime stories offer a point of focus and distraction from the day’s activities and frustrations, bringing the child closer to sleep. Telling stories also helps convey messages to the child through the characters in the story. 

8. Make the Child Comfortable

Make the Child Comfortable

You can help them prepare for sleep by spending their precious time with some laughs and lovable words. Just as grown-ups expect kindness and love, children crave love. Providing more comfort, such as allowing children to hug their mom while sleeping, demonstrates the child’s need for comfort. Some children feel more comfortable when fully covered with a blanket. So let them sleep according to their preferences to avoid bedtime tantrums.

9. Say No to Screen Time

Say No to Screen Time

Saying a big no to all electronic devices is one of the main things that should be avoided to make the child sleep. Screen time before bed can affect the sleep of the child. We can reduce these risks by encouraging children to avoid screen time in the hour before bed. It is best to keep all the electronic devices out of bedrooms at night.

10. Give Your Child Options

Humans like to be in control. Young children are no exception, However, they need some limits. While offering choices at bedtime, ensure that the options presented work for you, regardless of your child’s choice.

We hope that by following these steps, you can prevent bedtime tantrums and enjoy a peaceful night.