Our diet has a direct impact on our health. As our moms always say, ‘What you eat shows on your face!’ Our body wants to alert us when we are eating wrong by eating the wrong food items or skipping them from our diets. It sends out danger signs. These might seem like normal side effects but if these symptoms continue for a prolonged period then you might want to keep your eyes open and reassess your food choices.
Here are 5 signs that you need to keep an eye on:

1) You are feeling drained all the time

Possible reason: Iron deficiency
When iron levels are low in the body, the body is not able to make enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to the rest of the body. Therefore iron is an essential mineral to help your body functioning at its peak.






Remedy: Stock up on iron rich foods like dates, green leafy vegetables, meat, iron fortified cereals, seafood, liver and more…
You could even take an iron supplement. But that is required only if your levels are really low and if determined by a blood test.


2) Moody

Possible reason: Consuming calories that are not enough for your body
You might land up becoming bad tempered if you are not eating enough and depriving your body of the energy that it needs.
A healthy woman should be consuming at least 1200 calories and more if her physical activity levels are high.






Remedy: Counting calories. Eat close the recommended calorie count. For those who are on a diet, they can cut out 300 calories from the count.


3) Constipation

Possible reason: Diet lacks fiber
Fiber adds mass and bulk to your stool and helps it to pass out from your body. Not eating enough can clog things up.






Remedy: Slowly add fiber rich foods to your diet. Adding them suddenly all at once can cause symptoms of gas, bloating, cramps or even diarrhea.
Include fiber rich foods in your diet like lentils, oats, berries, bran, pears and more…Your aim should be for 50 gram of fiber in a day.


4) Depression

Possible reason: Lack of carbohydrates in your diet
Cutting down on carbs will let you lose weight. But cutting it out from ones diet completely can affect the levels of serotonin that affect the mood and lead to depression.






Remedy: You should never completely cut out carbs from your diet. If you want to lose weight then just decide to consume healthy carbs like fruits and vegetables or whole grains that will maintain blood sugar levels and your mood.


5) Excessive hair loss


Possible reason: Essential nutrients and protein are lacking in diet.
Essential nutrients like protein, iron, magnesium and copper are not just essential for good health but they are also responsible for good hair health





Remedy:Add fruits and vegetables to your diet that are super rich in vitamin and minerals that will promote good hair growth.magnesium






Try to incorporate a protein rich diet that includes lots of milk, yogurt, pulses, chicken, turkey and egg, as hair is mostly made up of protein.
And don’t forget iron as iron deficiency is also a culprit when it comes to hair loss.