The hemp plant, also called marijuana or cannabis, packed with many beneficial chemical compounds used for  medicinal purposes, got approval by the United States FDA. Florida lawmakers legalized medical marijuana with an applicable diagnosis and a medical marijuana card.

What is Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana belongs to the Cannabis family, containing over 100 various chemicals called cannabinoids, which have different effects on the human body. Medical marihuana treatments are good for treating  problems like anxiety, depression, nausea, and overeating or undereating. medical marijuana,a form of Cannabis is used to reduce symptoms of medical conditions. It is also referred to as medical cannabis. 

Cannabis sativa is packed with several active compounds. Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) are important compounds. THC is best known for making people high.

Myths and Facts About Medical Marijuana

These myths about marijuana can help us learn more facts about it.

Myth: People consume cannabis affects mind and body

Fact: As mentioned earlier, cannabis contains various amounts of THC and CBD and their effects may also vary. In Indian strains, CBD is found higher and has a little THC. So it can provide relief to symptoms

Myth: Marihuana plants are approved medication. 

Fact: The FDA approval for medical marijuana doesn’t permit you to use it as medicine. But, cannabinoid chemicals found in marijuana plants are allowed to be used in various FDA-approved medications, made in the form of liquid or pills.

Myth: Taking marijuana can lead you to addiction

Fact: Medical marijuana is similar to any medicine and can be abused. As per National Institute on drug abuse is called a ‘gateway drug’ containing harder chemicals. It can be a risk if you use high-THC while preparing medicines. Medical marijuana is safe compared to narcotics.

Myth: After consuming medical marijuana you must smoke

Fact: For quickest action, smoking is the best option to use medical marijuana that provides relief after 10-30 minutes.

Myth: All medical marijuana is the same

Fact: Marijuana plants are filled with five different cannabinoids to provide medical benefits in different ways. Certain chemicals can be used to provide the benefit of synergy. Based on treatment requirements, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD (cannabidiol), CBN (cannabinol), CBC (cannabichromene), or CBG (cannabigerol) can be used. 

Myth: Medical marijuana only helps relieve pain

Fact: Medical marijuana is known to help a range of physical and mental issues. CBD is used to relieve symptoms of chronic physical pain. Some cannabinoids help treat nausea and vomiting, helping people to eat and stay well throughout treatment.

Medical Marijuana FAQ

Any Research Is Being Done for Medical Marijuana?

Many studies are underway on medical marijuana and haven’t provided ample evidence to FDA for clarification. The US federal law bans using the whole plant Cannabis sativa or its derivatives for any reason. CBD taken from the hemp plant (less than 0.3% THC) is legal under feeder law.

Is Medical Marijuana Addictive?

Many studies have shown that it has a low risk of addiction and low toxicity. Some studies recommended CBD oil to be used in the treatment of marijuana addiction or marijuana abuse.

Is Medical Marijuana Legal?

23 states authorized using medical marijuana with varying restrictions. A person must provide a prescription, authorization, or medical recommendation to buy it.