5 Healthy Reasons to Keep a Pet

Having a pet is lots of fun and also a lot of responsibility. If you can benefit your health by keeping a pet then bring on the pets.

Here are 5 reasons why we should keep pets:

  • Improves our immune system

Research has proved that if a child is in contact with a pet from a very young age, that is from the stage of being new born then he or she has less chances of any allergies developing such as asthma or eczema.

  • Stress buster

Pets can leave us feeling more happy and cheerful. It can help take away stress that we suffer from in our day to day lives. So if you have a pet at home it can keep you feeling happy and can also increase your productivity at work and might even bust any tensions that may exist at home.

  • Fights depression and loneliness

A pet is like a companion. They give us company when our human friends do not have time for us. They love us unconditionally unlike human beings.

So if you are feeling lonely, doesn’t worry, just talk it out to your pup or cat. And there is no greater joy than a lick on the face from a kitten when one has come back from a hard day’s work.

  • Good for the heart

Research has found that pet owners suffer from lower levels of cholesterol and fat that is associated with heart disease and are less likely to suffer from them as compared to non-pet owners.

  • Keep us active

It is essential to take our pets for a walk or give them some form of exercise. So if we are forced to give them exercise, we also will be forced to do it by taking it for walks every day.

So keep a pet and enjoy the health benefits that it comes with.

Written by: Rasha Ashraf