5 Diabetes Fighting Food

Whether you’re already suffering from diabetes or want to prevent it there are certain foods that help fight it off. Diabetes deaths are a cause of concern these days as their numbers are increasing rapidly and one can pin this on the changing lifestyles.

Here are 5 powerful foods that help to prevent diabetes or put an end to an already existing diabetic condition.

  • Green leafy vegetables- The intake of green leafy vegetables helps in the prevention and reversal of diabetes. Research has proved a sharp decrease in the occurrence or risk of diabetes. Green leafy vegetables help regulate blood sugar levels by slowing down the release of sugar into the blood stream. Include these miraculous green wonders in your daily diet that have zero fat in them but are still packed with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Pulses and beans-Pulses and beans are rich in fiber and plant based protein that is important for the body to benefit the insulin levels. These beans and pulses are rich in carbohydrates and resistant starch that prevent the body from absorbing too many calories from them in the intestines.
  • Non-starchy vegetable-Not starchy, non-green and non-colorful vegetables like mushrooms, onions, eggplant etc… do not contain any amount of sugars and are packed with essential nutrients. The consumption of these vegetables is not going to make much of a difference or impact on your blood sugar or pressure levels.
  • Nuts and seeds-It has been proved that those people who consume a handful of nuts are at a lower risk of getting diabetes and for those who already have it eating these power packed foods reduces the chances of developing heart complications. Nuts are wonderful antioxidants, and come along with anti-inflammatory and weight loss properties as well. They are also low on the GI and are also responsible for the slow release of sugars into the blood stream. So don’t forget to pop a handful in your tummy each day.
  • Fruits-Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you skip out on fruits as well. Fruits are a wonderful source of natural sugars. They will help take away your cravings for sugar. But just remember to keep their intake in moderation.When you want to fight diabetes it is very important for you to plan your meals. Select foods that are high in fiber or those that have low glycemic carbs so that they slowly release and regulate the release of sugars in your blood stream.

Eat right to fight this killer disease!